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     TV Series 

Strike Team

  • Vic Mackey: Conflicted cop and the undisputed champion of average CMoA's per episode. Some highlights include:
    • The pilot episode, when Detective "Dutch" Wagenbach is confronted with a suspected pedophile who won't admit to any wrongdoing. Ten minutes with Vic and a few shots with a book to the face later..."Good cop and bad cop left for the day; I'm a different kind of cop." In the deleted scenes on the DVD set, Dutch walks in and finds the pedophile sobbing in a corner with a pool of urine at his feet.
      • A Chekhov's Gun too. He pulls out a bag containing various objects including a bottle of whisky, a knife, and the aforementioned phone book. Considering he started with his fists and moved on to the book, one has to wonder what the intended use of those other items is...
    • One of the first times the audience sees just how dedicated Vic is to his friends is when he finds a prostitute, Connie, lying half-naked in a room after shooting a john in Season One. After she cries to Vic that she got scared that the man might have hurt her (and shot him for no reason), Connie begs to Vic that she needs to be found innocent because of her son. Vic protests, citing that he can't help her out of the mess. Connie then convinces Vic to beat the crap out of her so the shooting looked like self-defense, letting her keep custody of her son.
      • Same episode, the Strike Team bust a pedophile ring. Not the bust itself, or Vic's Heartwarming Moment with one of the victims, beforehand. Incredible self control on his part when after coercing his way in to not completely flip his shit and kill everyone watching the show, he instead waited then made the bust as a cop when he had evidence.
    • Vic and the Strike Team dressing up like Mexican gangbangers in order to rob a police evidence van and steal back a piece of evidence in Season One.
    • Vic torturing a cop killer into giving out information on where his two accomplices are.
    • Vic encounters a crackhead that jumps from a balcony into a pool while holding his infant son, Vic divs in without hesitation and manages to have both the baby and his father.
    • Michael Chiklis gives a tour-de-force performance during the first season finale when Vic learns his wife and kids have left because he's never home. The broadcast version truncates Vic's breakdown, but the audience realizes Vic is in serious emotional pain. On the DVD extras for Season One, however, there's an unedited take of Chiklis, completely in character, breaking down for ten minutes straight. Not only does he yell and scream, but he cries out of the blue and acts as if he's having heart palpatations. After this, Vic calmly stands up and exits his home, finishing off the last shot of Season One. This remarkable performance is easily Chiklis' personal Crowning Moment as an actor.
    • In the season two premiere Vic is at a low point after his wife left and took his kids and he's desperately trying to find them. In order to come up with the money to track them down(by paying a network of P Is), he goes into Mexico, kidnaps wanted fugitive Navaro and uses him as a ransom to get a bunch of money from the cartel, then instead of handing him over to the Cartel, he speeds off in the car with Navaro managing to lose them and manages to smuggle both Navaro and the money back into the states without anyone noticing. Even [[Lanie Obstructive Bureaucrat]] is impressed at Vic's capture of Navaro.
    • The episode "The Circle" sees Vic smash right through a heavy wooden door at full speed to catch a teenage suspect fleeing the scene of a crime.
    • When the drug lord Armadillo Quintero rapes a 12-year-old girl and tattoos the image of a dove onto her cheek, Vic really loses his cool. He walks right into Armadillo's house, spends a few seconds asking him why he committed the crime, and then decides to beat the living hell out of him with a law and ethics book, knocking half of Quintero's teeth out in the process. He follows this up by dragging Armadillo by his feet into the kitchen and grilling his face on a stove, to the point that Vic's teammates have to pull him away.
    • Vic and Lem settling a gang war between T-Bone and Kern by kidnapping both of them and locking them in a shipping container until they agree to call a truce.
    • When Vic is shot by a suspect selling illegal arms in the third episode of Season Two, he gets to the hospital and promptly asks to see his kids, then hugs them. While he's gutshot and in serious pain. And to boot, he hides the injury from the kids so they won't be scared.
    • In the season three episode "Bottom Bitch", Vic is forced to work with a prostitute who not only gets on his nerves, but was indirectly responsible for his friend Connie being killed. After she refuses to work undercover and give money to a pimp named Smooth, Vic grabs her, forces a gun into her mouth (as she's crying) and says, "You're Smooth's bitch. Well, Smooth is my bitch, and that makes you my bottom bitch."
    • To a criminal he has pushed against an open fifth floor window with a pen and paper: "First word! L-I-F-E! Second word! S-U-X! Looks like you're going to die a bad speller."
    • In Season Seven, Vic drives an SUV into a gun-running shop to break up a huge shootout that's erupted.
    • During his immunity confession in "Possible Kill Screen", Vic confesses to the murder of Terry Crowley, and the ICE agent, Olivia, asks him if he has anything else to add. Vic's response: "How much memory do you have on that thing?"
    • In season six, Vic heads into a drug gang's pad where he has to empty his gun's magazine outside. But they forget to check the gun's chamber, and with that single bullet he easily takes complete control of the situation, walking back out with everything he came for. (In real life this would be impossible because a Smith and Wesson 4506 has a Magazine disconnect that renders the gun inoperable without a fully inserted magazine.)
  • After unsuccessfully pursuing leads on Armadillo Quintero, the team raids an auto body shop where his accomplice is working. When Vic and Curtis Lemansky can't grill the suspects for info, Shane Vendrell proclaims, "Aw, I am so tired of playing these games", grabs a tire iron and breaks the man's ankle. Bonus points for taunting the perp about enjoying a wheelchair - minutes ago, they assaulted a crippled informant of theirs.
  • After Shane's failed attempted murder of Ronnie and Vic, Wyms sits Ronnie down and demands an explanation. And Ronnie pulls a plausible explanation completely out of his ass, one that explains everything, minimizes his and Vic's transgressions as minor rule-bending and pins everything on Shane. Claudette has no choice but to believe him.
  • Short-lived Strike Team member Tavon didn't have many chances to prove himself, but for one brief moment in the season two finale, he even put Mackey to shame. When a gang kingpin stalls for information regarding shooters sent out into Farmington on an initiation killing, Tavon decides to bluff the dealer. He pulls out a gun and pretends to play Russian Roulette with the suspect. Mackey watches in subdued awe as Tavon covertly palms the bullet left in the gun while chambering it, and aims the gun at the dealer's head while trying to sweat information out of him. Two clicks later, the suspect sings like a canary.

Other Police Officers

  • Detective "Dutch" Wagenbach: often imitated, never duplicated.
    • After tracking a serial killer for multiple episodes in Season One, Dutch finally catches a suspect who matches the M.O. of the killer. He attempts to interrogate the suspect, and listens contently as the man verbally berates him, calls him a "lowly civil servant" and analyzes him to the letter. Dutch lets this go on for some time, and eventually, cops from The Barn start crowding around the camera feed for the interrogation room to mock the detective. Dutch reveals to the killer that he stalled long enough for the police to obtain a search warrant for the suspect's aunt house, and they've found many bodies underneath a crawlspace there. At this point, the killer breaks, implicating himself and praising Dutch for making him become "special":
      Suspect: I killed 22 people...well, 23 if you count the hunting accident back in Rockford. Oh, I'm special, alright.
      Dutch: If you're so special, how come a lowly civil servant like me just caught you?
      • What makes this even more impressive is that, after everyone there congratulates Dutch on his performance, he goes out to his car and sobs uncontrollably, because the suspect's Hannibal Lecture really did get to him. It hurt him that badly, and he still kept enough control over himself to get the confession. That is dedication.
    • Proving that he's truly incorruptible, Dutch plants a bra clasp at the scene of a crime in Season Two to implicate a large suspect who murdered his blind date. Dutch surreptitiously plants the evidence and gets in his car, then slowly drives away...until he brakes, runs back into the crime scene, retrieves the falsified evidence and finds a clue that would eventually lead to him breaking the suspected killer. By verbally abusing him:
      Dutch: You know what word you never use, Stu? Fat. I bet people don't call you that to your face either, do they? They're too polite. They should, though, because you are fat. You were a fat baby, you were a fat little kid, and now you're just a god damn whale. I've busted black killers, white killers, smart killers, dumb killers, never anyone as fat as you. When was the last time you saw your dick without using a mirror?
      Stu: Shut up.
      (later on) Dutch: You had to settle for big fat Lea. I mean, you deserve better, right?
      Stu: I get better.
      Dutch: No, you don't. WOMEN WON'T SLEEP WITH YOU.
    • In Season 3, Dutch shows pictures of suspected rapists' penises to a 73-year old woman. He ends up proving to Claudette that the victim picked the wrong photo: she picked the picture that showed Dutch's privates, a photo he included in the lineup.
    • Let's not forget that Dutch is probably the only member of The Barn to ever dare take a swing at Vic.
    • And he gets one more in the series finale:
      Dutch: You're under arrest.
      Ronnie: For what?
      Dutch: The past three years. (upon which Ronnie lets Vic have it with both barrels)
    • And Dutch turning down the offered promotion at the end of Season Four because he knew that they only wanted a "corporate yes-man," and then joking with Claudette about their tendency to take the moral high ground. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Claudette Wyms:
    • After suckering a rape suspect into incriminating statements by flirting with him, the frustrated perp lunges at her. Cut to Dutch and several uniforms rushing the interrogation room... to find the perp on the floor, clutching his crotch.
      Claudette: [Unhurt, but upset] The bigger they are... (the perp had spent most the episode bragging about the size of his testicles)
    • And of course, she started off Vic's series-ending Humiliation Conga by reading him Shane's suicide letter, then making sure Vic saw Ronnie getting perp walked away after learning he's taking all the weight for the Strike Team's crimes. If she can't nail him to the wall, she's made sure to have that failure come at maximum cost.
    • The entirety of "Dead Soldiers", as she stymies Mackey's attempts to cover his illegal dealings at every turn, and when Aceveda finally has to step in and bury the case while she's out of the office due to his own deal he's got going with Vic, Claudette marches into his office and tells both of them that come hell or high water she will find out what this was all about.
    • No list of Claudette's finest moments would be complete without her performance in "Man Inside", in which she perp-sweats a serial killer into confessing to his murders by convincing him that his beloved sister is dead - while she's practically dying of lupus at the interrogation table. At one point she gets a nosebleed and Dutch insists that she leaves, but she simply says "No", slams the door in his face, and with her face covered in blood, goes back to work. The fact that she collapses at the end of the episode makes her quiet determination so touching and tragic that it's tantamount to a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • David Aceveda:
    • In Season Three he's caught the man who sexually assaulted him and videotaped the act, placed him in the interrogation room, locked the door, and switched off the video camera. The audience expects Aceveda to beat the holy hell out of the guy. Instead, Aceveda calmly tells the man that he is going to jail, then informs him of all the shit that Aceveda could legally rain down on him (including deporting his grandmother, stopping his cousin's college plans, and placing the guy in a cell with his arch-enemy) if he ever reveals the cellphone video.
    • In a deleted scene in season two he chews out Lanie big time for being an Obstructive Bureaucrat and not backing up Danny(for shooting an Arab in self-defense).
    • In a deleted scene Danny gets revenge on the widow of the arab man she shot in self-defense for pulling pranks on her(lying about Danny's mother dying in a car crash and wrecking her car) by wrecking her car(the same way she wrecked Danny's car)after the widow threatens to report Danny retorts that there at least 50 cops that will say she was nowhere the car, and the widow declines to report the incident.
    • In the season one finale three cops have been murdered by cop killers and David actually gets in on tracking them down and kills one of them when they try to shoot Vic, proving that he's more then just a desk jockey.
      • The awesomeness of this is dampened in Season 4, unfortunately. After Aceveda's threats against his rapist pass their expiration date, he attempts to blackmail Aceveda with the video. In response, Aceveda panics and makes a corrupt deal with Antwon Mitchell to have the rapist murdered in prison.
    • In Season Seven, Aceveda mercilessly beats down campaign-funder and drug tycoon Cruz Pezuela in front of his boss, then pulls a gun on Mackey when he tries to intervene. When Aceveda finishes talking down to Pezuela for thinking of him as his "errand boy", he rubs in Mackey's face the fact that, by doing this, he has screwed up the last chance Mackey had for working in law enforcement ever again, with a big grin on his face.
  • During an interrogation of archenemy Antwon Mitchell, Monica Rawlings keeps her cool as Antwon tries to unnerve her with knowledge of her affair with her married partner. Monica strikes back by telling Antwon his son is a willing sex slave in prison and relaying the horrific events of a childhood which caused Antwon to become such a sociopath. The latter moment is the one time during the whole series Mitchell's confidence slips, as Rawlings gets him to cry.
  • When Lt. Kavanaugh rails against Vic's activities: "VIC MACKEY KILLS COPS! HE DEALS DRUGS! HE BEATS SUSPECTS!...he screwed my ex-wife. He's just pissing all over this department, and we're just supposed to lick it up! Do you like the way that tastes? (Lifts his hand up to his mouth) Because it tastes like piss to me!"
  • Steve Billings was portrayed as a comically ineffective cop for most of the show, but he got his own special moment when faced with a man who raped his daughter, who then ran away and got murdered. He's now in full denial about it, so Billings screams at him "Your daughter's dead! You made her run away, and she got killed!"
  • Trish from the Decoy Squad, deep undercover as a gang leader's girlfriend, has coke-fueled sex to maintain her cover. She later stops the guy from carrying out a hit and bites a chunk out of his arm before he gets away; other cops soon arrive and arrest him on her information. Back at the station, Trish goes through debriefing, during which she completely deadpans that she needs to be checked for STDs.
  • Julian was an underused character for much of the series, but he gets an awesome moment in the Season Three opener, "Playing Tight", by breaking the arm of a fellow officer who beat him up for his sexuality in the Season Two finale.


  • Antwon Mitchell
    • Owning Shane counts as an Awesome Moment for him.
      "From now on, when I say 'Suck my dick', you say, 'You want me to lick your balls, Daddy?'"
    • In a later episode, Mitchell is in custody and handcuffed to an interrogation room table. Shane knows Antwon's death would solve a number of the Strike Team's problems, so he walks into the room with the intent of provoking Antwon into attacking him and giving him justification for killing Antwon. Shane uncuffs Antwon and, as Rawlings did before him, throws Antwon's son's sexuality and imprisonment into his face. Mitchell realizes what Shane's up to; after recuffing himself to the table, he stares Shane dead in the eye before asking him one question: "So what was it you were saying about my nigger faggot son?"
    • He gets a final one in his last appearance, as Vic confronts him in prison, accusing him of having Lem killed. Mitchell mocks him for being desperate enough to bust in on him with no proof of anything, looking to scare a confession out of him. He tells Vic that he could've done it, but he didn't, because doing so would mess with the sweet setup he has going. As he says this, a prison guard comes in with a message for him, calling him "Mr. Mitchell." He sends Vic away with his tail between his legs without even getting out of his chair.
  • "Natural. But small." Tina goes undercover as a prostitute to break up a sex-trafficking ring, and one of the ringleaders makes this comment about her breasts. When the sting is in action, she grabs his crotch and repeats the line to him.
  • "Family Meeting" (the series finale) qualifies as one for the show's cast and crew. Particularly since Vic got exactly what was coming to him.
    • And no less at the hands of the Feds, who effectively yanked the fiddle out of his hands and padlocked the dancing shoes onto his feet. But not before he got them (and / or Claudette’s own bosses) exactly what they were after.

     Wrestling Stable 
  • The TLC 2012 match between The Shield and Team Hell No and Ryback was really a sight to behold. The match saw The Shield put Ryback through the Spanish Announcers Table, again. Bury Kane under myriad of ladders to take him out of the game, and one sick bump through some tables off a ladder by Seth Rollins courtesy of Ryback. And The Shield winning by putting Bryan through a table and pinning him.note 
    • Also Ambrose powerslamming Daniel Bryan with a chair in hand.
    • Rollins blacking out Bryan with a stomp into the chair.
  • The six man tag team match between The Shield and Sheamus, Ryback & John Cena at Elimination Chamber 2013. Aside from isolating & systematically taking apart John Cena for the bulk of the match, there's the ending - Roman Reigns spears Sheamus through the security barricade (a spot he has repeated many times, but this is still arguably the best one), as Cena & Ryback to hoist Rollins & Ambrose up for a simultaneous Attitude Adjustment/Shellshocked, only for Reigns to slide into the ring & spear Ryback, with Rollins landing on top & collecting a three, as a confused Cena questions the referee what just happened. The Shield didn't just beat three of the WWE's biggest faces, they did it clean & by pinning Ryback, providing the first clean defeat of his career.
  • Also, The Shield beating The Undertaker, Kane & Daniel Bryan in an episode of RAW, they're still unbeaten as a group, mind.
  • The Shield have now faced Team Hell No and John Cena in a 6 Man Tag, and they won that as well. Who did they pin? CENA. CLEANLY!
  • Extreme Rules 2013, The Shield make their mark on history as Ambrose downs Kofi for the US Championship and Rollins and Reigns unseat Team Hell No for the Tag Team Championships. Believe in the Shield, indeed.
  • 9/23/13 - The Shield is placed in a tag-team elimination match against (sit down, this might take a while) Rob Van Dam, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, The Usos, Darren Young, Titus O'Neil, Justin Gabriel, R-Truth... and Daniel Bryan. Aside from the Prime Time Players and Usos (both of whom have feuded with and nearly beaten the Shield on different occasions), each of the members of this super-team has held a championship. The Shield lost, but managed to eliminate SEVEN of their eleven opponents despite being outnumbered nearly four-to-one. Roman Reigns in particular was a beast, eliminating three men in a minute flat without tagging. And Rollins, to his credit, did not back down even after being surrounded 4-to-1 and taking a Shield-style beatdown. The awesome was almost enough to make you root for the empire. Almost.
    • That "almost" is a moment of awesome in and of itself. The fact that the Shield weren't outright treated as faces by the crowd and their defeat was loudly cheered despite the odds they faced speaks to how well the storyline with the Shield serving as de-facto heavies for the McMahons and heel Randy Orton is working: rather than simply reacting to designated roles (as is the case all too often in today's WWE), the audience actually feels compelled to hate the Shield and to want to see them go down now.
  • The main event of the 11/11/13 Raw was Daniel Bryan and CM Punk vs. The Shield. While this match was certainly good enough to begin with, just as the match's pace was starting to pick up, the lights went out the Wyatt Family (who had been feuding with Punk and Bryan) appeared in the ring. The Shield didn't take kindly to this, and Rollins and Ambrose and Harper and Rowan got into each other's faces, which erupted into a brawl between them as Reigns and Wyatt squared off outside the ring and Bryan and Punk left the ring to watch. The crowd went crazy for this, but during a break in the action, Wyatt yelled to The Shield that they have a common enemy. They all turned to look at Bryan and Punk, who evaded them for a moment before being surrounded in the ring. Just as all looked lost, The Rhodes Brothers and The Usos (both of whom had been rivals of The Shield) stormed the ring, causing the The Shield and The Wyatts to flee and possibly setting up a 12-man tag match for Survivor Series.
  • An individual moment for Roman Reigns: in his traditional Survior Series elimination match (with The Shield and the Real Americans vs. the Usos, the Rhodes Brothers and Rey Mysterio), he becomes his team's sole survivor, eliminating all the opposition (save for Jey Uso) with spears. Notably, he finally eliminated the returning Mysterio to win it all. To wit, if it weren't for Seth Rollins getting a Blackout on Jey Uso, Roman Reigns would have swept an entire five-man Survivor Series team with Spears.
    • The Blackout was a Crowning Moment for Rollins, as he doesn't get to score pinfalls that often.
  • The hits just keep coming for Roman Reigns, as he manages to pin CM Punk twice in one month. The second time was during a three-on-three tag match on the 1/13/2014 RAW - most notable for a particular spot where CM Punk gets hung over the bottom rope (think 619-style) and Reigns tags in, jumps down to the floor and delivers a running front dropkick from the floor directly to Punk's head. For a guy that weighs in at 265 pounds and is known as the group's powerhouse, it was an insanely athletic move that displayed that Reigns has well above-average agility to pair with his size and strength.
  • Roman Reigns' performance in the 2014 Royal Rumble. While he lost the match, he beat Kane's original elimination record, which had stood for thirteen years, as he eliminated 12 men from the match - and was one of the last two standing at the very end, facing off with Batista and managing to garner more than a few cheers, despite not only being a heel, but being in a spot where the smarky Pittsburgh crowd wasn't really overly happy with anyone left in the match.note 
    • And on RAW the following night, The Shield faced the team of John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and a returning Sheamus. In the closing minutes of the match, Cena locks Roman Reigns in the STF and instead of tapping out, Reigns rolls over so that they are both on their sides and actually forces Cena's hands apart. If The Wyatt Family had not chosen this moment to interrupt the match, Reigns probably could have broken out of the STF outright.
  • Anytime Roman Reigns uses the Superman punch. Not only does he set up for the move by actually channeling Henry Cavill in Man of Steel, but he can jump insanely high for being 265.
  • Elimination Chamber 2014, SHIELD VS. WYATT FAMILY. One of the few times a "What If?" scenario match actually happened, and oh my Mick Foley, was it epic.. The build was a near full month of verbal fencing between some of WWE's best young mic handlers, accented by a couple of physical teases to whet the crowds' already voracious appetite. Then, with as much hype as the match was given, it actually delivered on and exceeded expectations on every level. Even fans who've been disillusioned with the general direction of the company heading into WrestleMania have had nothing but glowing positives to say about this match.
    • Once again, Reigns' performance merits special mention: not only did he fight off the Wyatts single-handedly for a timenote , but he powered out of Bray Wyatt's first Sister Abigail attempt in the process, drawing an amazing stare from Wyatt as he did so.
  • The Shield and The Wyatt Family had ANOTHER great match on RAW just 8 days later.
  • RAW March 17, 2014: The Shield is sent to ambush Jerry "The King" Lawler by Kane, who he believes instigated the "Occupy Raw" Moment last week (in reality of course, it just so happened to take place in Lawler's home town of Memphis, and the Authority was looking for a patsy). After Rollins states how the Shield does best "For business" they turn to face Kane and deliver their Triple Powerbomb on him. That's right, The Shield is now a Face faction.
  • 2013's Money in the Bank PPV kicked off with Rollins and Reigns defending their tag team championship against the Usos on the pre-show. They went on to have arguably the best match of the night, with the very smarky Philly crowd on their feet and chanting "THIS IS AWESOME!" for most of the match. It outshone BOTH MITB gimmick matches, including one that included Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and the returning Rob Van Dam.
    • One notable spot involved Reigns powerbombing one of The Usos in a chain suplex spot. Needless to say, the crowd exploded.
  • Their match in Wrestlemania 30 against Kane and the New Age Outlaws was pretty much a curbstomp battle. Not only does Roman Reigns double spear Jesse James and Billy Gunn, the group then put the two of them in what can be described as a DOUBLE Triple Power Bomb! Believe in the Shield!
    • Not to mention the entrance with the Bullet Club-esque masks.
  • The SHIELD living up to their justice creed by betraying The Authority and taking them out when Triple H almost managed to steal the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Daniel Bryan.
    • All hell broke loose after Reigns spears Triple H followed by Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose hit mid-rope suicide dives on Batista and Orton, that left Kane to beat up Roman Reigns…Or at least he tried, until Reigns regained his senses and forced his way out of a chokeslam. That's a move that The Undertaker and Kane have effectively perfected, and he broke out of the thing like it was nothing. Cue Superman Punch.
  • They finally, finally, finally beat the Wyatts on Main Event. For those following the Shield's storyline, here's the several ways in which that counts as awesome.
    • First off, Ambrose, the man some considered the Boisterous Weakling and/or burgeoning Bad Boss of the team, as well as the man who was fought out of the picture in the first Wyatt-Shield clash, is the guy that picked up the pin using his Dirty Deeds headlock driver.
    • Immediately after the bell, he and Reigns, the team closer and powerhouse and the first of the three to get real support from the fans, as well as the man who'd been butting heads with Ambrose for months prior to Rollins provoking and calling a summit, promptly proceed to embrace each other in celebration and it doesn't look like anything put on for show at all.
    • The Shield proceed to cut a promo interviewed by Renee Young, in which the following takes place:
      —Rollins proclaims that this victory proves the Shield can't be stopped when united. This is in fact the defining statement of the match itself, as Ambrose's erratic ways and Seth's own refusal to babysit a divided ship cost the Shield dearly in the feud's first two epic battles.
      —Ambrose fights through serious rib pain to acknowledge the Wyatts as one of the toughest tests they've ever had to face while boasting about the Shield's own fearlessness.
      —Reigns follows up after Rollins takes issue with the Authority calling them faceless and expendable by momentarily flirting with Renee Young (one of the Shield's new pastimes as faces) and leading the fans into saying his name. They follow this up by CHANTING his name, much to the enjoyment of not just Roman himself, but all three members of the Shield.
      —And finally, in the middle of sending the message to the Authority that the Shield are born and bred for war, Seth reminds everyone that from day one their cause has been to fight injustice, and that there is no greater injustice in WWE than the Authority.
    • All in all, the Shield as a unit has come back full circle to its very foundation. A House Divided? No longer! Motive Decay? Completely reversed! Reigns is apparently The Chosen One? Not a problem, The Juggernaut is collective again! All's well that ends well, keep calm and BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!
  • The 4/14/14 RAW ended with the Shield getting beaten to a pulp. Why is it awesome? Well, for a couple of reasons. First off, Triple H had booked them in a match with a 'mystery opponent'. Turned out he meant "mystery opponents." ELEVEN OF THEM. (Also a bit of booking awesome - the exact number serves as a Call-Back to a moment mentioned above where The Shield, as heels, took on 11 faces in a tag-team elimination match and nearly won.) Did the Shield run away? In the words of Dean Ambrose, "Nope." They stood their ground, even when the match devolved into a full-scale brawl. As the eleven heels laid waste to the faction, a blaring Motorhead guitar theme started up. But it wasn't Trips' solo theme - either of them. Instead, it was the strains of "Line In The Sand," which hadn't been heard in a WWE arena in seven years. Yes, the Shield ended that episode on their backs, but the fact that Triple H, in spite of his own ego and the intervening years of enmity between him and his two former proteges, had to resort to measures as extreme as re-forming Evolution to deal with them is awesome in its own way.
    • And given how subsequent shows have turned out, it looks like reforming Evolution wasn't enough.
  • In a notable callback both to the above and the September 23rd, 2013 eleven-on-three tag match, the next time Triple H attempted to book the Shield against eleven opponents again on Smackdown, the Shield proceeded to jump as many of them as possible before the main event throughout the show. As someone put it: "They were booked in an 11-on-3 main event match. By the time the match rolled around it was 5-on-3. By the end of the match only Wade Barrett escaped with his life."
    • Not to mention, they took out their opponents in the most practical way possible: they attacked Jack Swagger after he'd lost a match and was defenceless, they took out 3MB backstage when no one else was around, they put Brad Maddox through a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown when he was alone, then they interrupted Fandango's dance routine before his match even began and threw him through two tables, and finally they took out Curtis Axel in the locker room. Bad. Ass.
    • Seriously, that is all. There are no words that can do that match fucking justice.
    • Actually, here's an example: Dean Ambrose was getting beaten by Orton and Triple H, who threw him down some stairs and followed him down to beat him some more. Suddenly, Seth Rollins jumps off of a balcony to save Ambrose. As the above bullet pointed out, though, this description does not do it justice at all.
    • Ambrose had a moment of his own: he ran on top of both announce tables to tackle Hunter and Orton while they were beating down Rollins.
    • Reigns managed to get a bit of retribution for the Royal Rumble through finishing Batista off with a Superman punch counter off a Batista Bomb and a Spear, leading to his team's victory.
  • Batista vs Reigns on the 12/5/14 episode of Raw. The match quickly turns into a disqualification when the rest of Evolution and the Shield start fighting, but the Shield are soon on top. Stephanie McMahon calls out the reinforcements, who quickly throw Rollins and Ambrose out of the ring and force Reigns to his knees so Triple H can hit him with a chair... and Reigns breaks free and spears Trips before he even gets close. Cue Ambrose and Rollins with chairs, clearing the ring in no time.
    • Earlier, the Shield ambush Evolution on their way to the ring. Evolution's response is to accept the Shield's demand of a rematch at Payback, and then Trips starts talking about how they're going to break the Shield down, including some very nasty threats. The Shield are completely undaunted and storm the ring before Trips is even done threatening them, successfully driving Evolution off.
  • Rollins vs Batista on the 19/5/14 episode of Raw. Trips tries to make sure that the match is weighed in Batista's favor by banning everyone but official personnel from the ringside and having himself made the guest ring announcer and Orton made the guest timekeeper. So the Shield... do something to Brad Maddox, who makes Ambrose and Reigns the guest commentators.
    • The fallout makes this even better, as the Authority feel so humiliated by this they decide to humiliate Maddox by firing him publicly and violently. The Shield are clearly under Evolution's skin at this point.
    • One particular moment is Rollins doing Eddie Guerrero's famous Three Amigo suplexs!
    • Not just beating Evolution but getting a clean sweep without any member of the Shield being eliminated.
    • Rollins jumped off the fucking Titantron to save Reigns.
  • Despite being tragic when it comes to the characters, Seth Rollins' shocking betrayal of the Shield on June 2, 2014 becomes this in a meta sense. Now that the company is preparing and positioning Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose into a key compelling storyline while playing to each individual's strengths, it's becomes clear that WWE believes in all three men as major players in its future.
  • Roman pulls a pretty damn good Batman Gambit, playing on Vickie's vanity and insecurities as The Authority's lackey, then spiking Stephanie's coffee, and all of it leading to Vickie getting "doused" and Triple H having to take Steph to the hospital and leaving a enraged, puke-stained Vickie in charge. Cue Vickie being angry enough at the power couple to enter Roman in the MITB Battle Royal, which he goes on to win.
    • Fridge Brilliance kicks in when he brings up the Guerrero family legacy, and proceeds to pull an "Eddie" by spiking the coffee, not unlike what the man himself once did a decade back to a burrito the Big Show stole. Vickie must've been pissed to find someone doing one of her late-husband's tricks.
  • Despite that his "antics" backstage at Battleground initially cost him a match with Rollins, Ambrose won a pretty big moral victory, assaulting Rollins twice throughout the night; it ramped up Rollins' paranoia to the point that when watching out for Ambrose as he took his bags to his car, the normally calm, collected Seth, in his haste, didn't think to check the one place a crazy man like Ambrose would hide: The trunk. Cue a third, one-sided beatdown that had Ambrose drilling Rollins with wild punches on the roof of a car and Seth scrambling to high-tail it out of the arena.
  • Payback 2015: The Shield compete against each other for the first time a year after their last match together in a Fatal Four Way with Randy Orton. Midway through the match, Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns find themselves standing over a beaten down Orton. Rollins calls for his former brothers-in-arms to put Orton through the announce table, much to the surprise of Ambrose and Reigns. When Orton gets back up, all three men beat him back down before putting The Viper out of commision with a Triple Powerbomb! The crowd eats up the temporary reunion as The Shield get hyped up. While Ambrose and Reigns celebrate a bit with each other, Rollins decides to join in and calls for their fist pose. Understandably, the match gets back underway.
  • Money in the Bank 2016: Yes, even this far after their breakup, Dean, Seth and Roman are still finding ways to be awesome together. In this case, Seth defeated Roman, who started the night as champion, for the title. Dean then cashes in Money in the Bank (which he had won earlier in the evening) on Seth, in perhaps the most poetically ironic and genre savvy way he could. The awesome part for Shield as a whole? In one night, hell, in a span of about three minutes, all three members were world heavyweight champion.
    • Way, way back in 2012 or so, right as the Shield was being formed, the three members made a pact to make it to the top of the company together. Given the high failure rate in general in WWE as well as the tendency for one member to be elevated while the others are stuck beneath the glass ceiling, the fact that the above managed to happen is insanely awesome in and of itself. And then, the natural consequence of the above: the three members of the Shield had a Triple Threat match for the WWE Title in the main event of Battleground 2016.
  • Survivor Series 2016 - four years after The Shield's debut: Ambrose is up against Reigns and Rollins as part of the Smackdown vs. Raw Men's Traditional Elimination match. Doesn't stop another Shield reunion from happening, as for the first time since the split, all three members are on the same side of the face/heel spectrum. After being eliminated from the match early on, no thanks due to AJ Styles' refusal to break the pin fall, Ambrose returns the favor and attacks Styles after the match's halfway point but is held back by security. Rollins and Reigns aid Ambrose and call for another Triple Powerbomb, putting Styles through the German announce table and giving Rollins the opening needed to eliminate Styles from the match.
  • Roadblock 2016 - After Roman gets screwed out of the WWE Universal Championship by Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins comes out and the two proceed to blast both parts of Jeri-KO through announce tables. What makes this so awesome is it was preceded by Rollins and Reigns doing the old Shield fist-bump, and after they'd finished destroying Owens what gets played? Not Roman's theme or Rollins' but the original Shield theme.
  • Raw, 10/2/17 - To make a long story short, Reigns had been suffering throughout the night, being attacked by both The Miz and his goons, as well as The Bar, whom had been feuding with Rollins and Ambrose. At the end of the show, Reigns is seen in the locker room, being silently approached.... by Rollins and Ambrose. This leads to 10/9, where Miz and company open with a promo that Reigns interrupts. Miz calls out Reigns and the rumors that had been circulating throughout the week. Reigns quips "Rumors? Who said anything about rumors?" Cue Ambrose. And then cue Rollins. And then cue a beatdown on Miz and company, complete with a Triple Powerbomb and the fistbump. This gets better: At the end of the night, Braun Strowman destroys Matt Hardy, only for Rollins, Reigns and Ambrose (whom had all been killed by Strowman individually prevously) to come out and perform a certified beatdown, complete with Triple Powerbomb through the table. The next week (10/16), Kurt Angle opens the show and gets interrupted... by "SIERRA-HOTEL-INDIA-ECHO-LIMA-DELTA-SHIELD." Cue three guys in combat vests emerging through the crowd. All of this is to say one simple thing: THE SHIELD IS BACK.
  • TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2017 - Roman was unfortunately sidelined with a medical issue, which forced Kurt Angle to take his place for the match, but in spite of that, the Shield never missed a beat. Kurt proved himself to be an excellent substitute for the afflicted Shield member, and had some truly great moments. But Seth and Dean both deserve tremendous credit. Not only did they take most of the bumps, but they still managed to get some offense in, and looked like bona fide stars in the process. No matter how much punishment their opponents (The Miz, The Bar, Braun Strowman, and Kane) put them through, they kept getting up, kept fighting, and ultimately scored the victory in the most theatrically entertaining match of the night.
  • Survivor Series 2017. The Shield vs The New Day, a dream match between two of the best stables in WWE and it does not disappoint. Special highlights goes to the end when the New Day hit a double Midnight Hour on Ambrose and Rollins only for Reigns to break it up at the last minute by spearing Big E. Langston onto Kofi Kingston. Then after waylaying Big E and Xavier Woods, including Ambrose hitting Dirty Deeds to Big E on the ring floor, the three set up Kofi for their Triple Power Bomb off the turnbuckle to score the winning pin.
  • Another CMOA for the Shield is the fact that all 3 members eventually became Grand Slam champions, making them one of the only stables in history where every member achieved this feat.
  • The final moments of the 8/20/18 Raw were legitimately shocking. Roman Reigns was in the ring defending his Universal Championship from Finn Balor, when Braun Strowman came out to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Strowman barely got into the ring before we heard "SIERRA HOTEL INDIA ECHO LIMA DELTA". Cue Rollins and Ambrose in their tac gear, storming the ring to attack Strowman. Roman retained his title and the Shield triple powerbombed Strowman through the announcer's table.
  • Fastlane 2019: With Ambrose announcing his intent to not re-sign with the WWE, the Shield go out with a bang by delivering all their greatest hits and more in their apparent final match together against Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre, complete with many triple powerbombs, synchronized offense, Reigns returning to form in his first match back since entering remission, Ambrose's wild antics and a rare Precision F-Strike by Rollins before putting Corbin down with one last team finisher to end their time as the Shield on a high note.

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