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Awesome / The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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  • Man, what Walter does in his trips are really awesome.
    • Gets into a short scuffle with a drunk pilot.
    • Gets into a helicopter headed into stormy waters with said drunken pilot.
    • Jumps into a ocean full of sharks.
    • Skateboards next to a freaking volcano.
    • Gets into a car with a man in Iceland in order to run away from an erupting volcano.
    • Goes to a dangerous part of Afghanistan so dangerous that the flight fare is around $80.
    • Gives his mom's cake as tribute in order to gain passage from Afghan warlords.
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    • Begins a long trek with two native men and undergoing mental and physical conditioning.
    • Makes the final trek alone.
    • Watches a snow leopard with Sean; said cat is called the Ghost Cat due to being so ellusive.
    • Ends the trip by playing soccer with Sean and some natives. Their background is a beautiful sunset.
    • Gets into a fight with airport security and is arrested (he DID come from a dangerous part of Afghanistan); he is detained for around 17 hours. This is until Tod from eHarmony arrives to identify him as a US citizen and not a threat. He is also told that his eHarmony account got 300 winks (equivalent of likes and thumbs up) within 2 hours of Tod inputting Walter's amazing trip.
    • He puts all this in his resume which would tell anyone that aside from the professionalism that comes with having worked since he was 17, he's not afraid to be adventurous and willing to take necessary risks.
      • Furthermore, remember that none of this would have been possible if Walter didn't make that critical decision when that helicopter was powering up with the help of the countdown portion of "Space Oddity." When he finally finds the force of will to jump on just as the chopper taking off as David Bowie's version of the song chorus plays, Walter finally breaks out of his daydreams to have the adventure of a lifetime for real!
  • Walter's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Ted when he delivers the negative. Satisfying isn't enough to describe how awesome it was.
    • Ted's practically speechless when he delivers the negative, even more when Walter asks what Life's motto is and he mistakenly gives McDonald's instead. Walter finishes him off with the speech; he does it with such calmness that no one can think of anything to say.
      "This thing that you do, Ted... where you come into a place and you push people out. You should know that those people worked really hard to build this magazine. They believed in the motto. And I get it. You got your marching orders... and you have to do what you have to do. But you don't have to be such a dick. Put that on a plaque, and hang it at your next job."
  • The final cover photo of Life: Walter examining some negatives with his glasses in front of the magazine's building.

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