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  • MR SMITH, I NEED YOU! *cue fanfare of awesomeness*
  • Let's face it. This entire series is one Crowning Moment for Sarah Jane after another. After all, she's frakking Sarah Jane Smith!
  • One of the reasons the Doctor is so beloved by fans is because he's a Guile Hero and Technical Pacifist without much in the way of superpowers. Captain Jack has 100+ years of fighting alien invasions, and usually has to resort to weapons. Sarah Jane is a human without centuries of experience or super-intelligence, and she still manages to defeat alien invasion after alien invasion without using weapons, just like her mentor.

Season 1

  • "Invasion of the Bane":
    • "Hey! Less of the old!"
    • K9 containing and fixing a black hole by himself.
    • Sarah confronting Mrs. Wormwood by driving a bus through the factory wall.
  • "Revenge of the Slitheen":
    • Sarah Jane and her companions figuring out the Evil Plan during reason and then going into battle armed with nothing but "vinegar in plastic squeezes".
    • In Maria's own words, "I exploded the head monster!"
  • "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?":
    • After Maria is RetGoned by the Trickster, Alan Jackson goes Papa Wolf, and his skateboarding skills save the day. His Death Glare is enough to cow Andrea, and when he sees the Trickster, he's set to charge him with his bare hands.
    • Andrea having the courage to reject her agreement with the Trickster.
  • K9 gets one in "The Lost Boy":
    Sarah Jane: You think I'm alone? You think I'm defenceless? Well, meet my dog! K9 PROTECT ME!
    K9: Affirmative, Mistress *fires at Mr Smith as a huge fanfare of awesomeness plays*
    • K9 manages to hold his own again Mr Smith, speak to Sarah Jane and Clyde, avoid shooting Luke and not take any damage from Mr Smith's lasers (despite being hit once) all in the space of a few minutes.
      • Well, there had to be a reason the Doctor left him with Sarah Jane in the first place: this is that reason.

Season 2

  • In "The Last Sontaran", Kaagh has the regulars trapped with no forseeable way out of the situation, when Chrissie Jackson runs in, and jams her siletto into his probic vent (the vent on the back of his neck, a Sontaran's only weakness) stunning him.
    Chrissie: Try my size five, humpty!
    • The whole story is a moment of awesome for Kaagh, since he proves to be overall very strategically capable, enough to outwit Sarah Jane and the gang multiple times.
    • Luke gets one when he realizes that Sontaran computer systems are in base six (since Sontarans have six fingers) rather than base 10 like humans.
  • "The Day Of The Clown" has Clyde defeat the alien pretty much single-handed. How? By telling corny jokes.
    • Said alien shows his chops by actually, truly scaring Sarah Jane.
    • Rani proves herself a worthy member of the team by refusing to turn away from what's going on, and deducing that the clown must be behind the kidnappings and that it's supernatural just from observed evidence.
  • In "The Tempatation of Sarah Jane Smith", Sarah Jane changes into 1950s clothes - of course, she looks absolutely beautiful.
  • "Enemy of the Bane":
    • "I'm not past my sell-by date yet!" - Sarah Jane.
    • The Brigadier himself gets his wish - at long last - when he effortlessly and unflinchingly takes down an attacking Bane with his cane. No wonder he is a walking crowning moment of awesome in his own right.
    • Yes, he finally met an alien that was not immune to bullets.
      • Even better? When they're at the Black Archive he's seen walking without the cane. He doesn't actually need it at all. It makes him look weak so people underestimate him. It has bullets in it. And, if all else fails, it would be a pretty useful close-quarters bludgeoning weapon.
    • The Brig putting Major Kilburne in his place after the Major has the cheek to suggest the Brigadier had it easy in his day.
      Kilburne: "With respect, Sir Alistair, UNIT has had to adapt to the challenges of a more hostile universe."
      The Brigadier: "In my day, we took on Daleks, Cybermen, Autons, Zygons and all manner of space-thuggery, and it doesn't get more hostile than that."
    • One thing Major Kilburn has not had to deal with? The Doctor. The Brig could hold his own - we're not sure Kilburn could...

Season 3

  • "The Mad Woman in the Attic": Clyde and Sarah Jane are questioning the caretaker of an abandoned amusement park while looking for Rani. The caretaker pretends that he'd never met Rani, so Clyde starts talking about how stupid and worthless Rani is. Appalled at Clyde's rudeness, the caretaker says that Rani seemed like a nice girl when he'd met him, revealing that he had in fact met Rani. This bit showed that Clyde is more than just the comic relief or the "cool kid." He can actually be really clever.
  • In "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith", Clyde Langer walks right up to The Trickster, grabs him by the hand and actually hurts him with a fistful of TARDIS energy.
    • On the subject of the wedding, you have to give props to Peter who knowingly condemns himself and saves everyone else by withdrawing from the Trickster's contract.
      • The delivery of the lines were also quite awesome.
    • The Doctor's big entrance.
    • The TARDIS is unable to land inside the bubble universe the Trickster has trapped everyone in. However, transporting her own doors into that universe and creating a link between her and the doors themselves is not landing. Way to get around the loophole, old girl!
    • Everything about The Doctor's facedown with the Trickster.
      • A more subtle but still awesome part is when the Trickster mocks the Doctor for being surrounded by children. His response? "They're my friends."

Season 4

  • Our favourite Snarker gets to trick two Men in Black robots to blow themselves up in "Vault of Secrets". Afterwards picks up their shades and says:
    Clyde: Hasta La Vista, baby.
  • "Death of the Doctor":
    • The Shansheeth are trying to force the TARDIS to open and, as usually happens when the Doctor is involved, stuff starts exploding. Does the TARDIS open and let the Shansheeth escape? Nope. Anyone for char-grilled Shansheeth? Apparently they smell like chicken. Also, to note, the TARDIS doesn't have a single scratch on her - well... she doesn't have any more scratches that she doesn't already have. Yes, folks, the TARDIS is able to survive an explosion at point blank range!
    • Shortly before this, Jo and Sarah Jane realise, at exactly the same time, that they can survive by hiding in the lead lined coffin. Did you say you were stupid, Jo? We beg to disagree. You're certainly as smart as Sarah Jane!
    • Also credit to the Shansheeth for the Refuge in Audacity of stealing the TARDIS, stranding the Doctor on an alien world, and getting his companions together for a funeral in order to create a key to use the TARDIS to stop anyone from dying ever again. Admittedly, they completely underestimated the Doctor and his friends, but you have to give them credit for sheer nerve. It is, quite possibly, the most audacious plan of any SJA villain, if not any Doctor Who villain bar the Master.
    • Credit where it's due to the Doctor; the Doctor always tries to save someone but never tries to stop death itself from coming - the Doctor knows it's part of the natural balance of the universe.
    • Sarah Jane mentions that Ian and Barbara are not just married but both Professors. Barbara managed to keep her job throughout the sexist times of the 70s and 80s (where a woman's "place" was "at home in the kitchen") and is still teaching after what appears to be fifty years! Yeah, you bet Barbara Wright took life by the horns and then won!
    • Just this exchange between two of the Doctor's old companions.
    Sarah Jane: I think there's something wrong.
    Jo: Wrong? As in you mean just like the old days sort of wrong?
    Sarah Jane: Exactly like the old days.
    Jo: Groovy.
  • In "Lost in Time", Clyde ends up stranded in WWII-era Britain, and delivers his Badass Boast after being captured by the enemy. 'I've taken on bigger loonies than you. I've taken on hideous bug-eyed monsters, and defeated them all... with this...' Thus does he succeed in both intimidating a bunch of armed Nazi soldiers with his loudly-blaring iPod, and giving his friend a chance to grab the MacGuffin, after which they make their rapid escape.
    • Even before that actually when he tells the Nazi general exactly why they're ultimately going to lose the war - because they underestimate anybody who doesn't fit in with their ideal.
      • Even more important - Clyde is black, so he doesn't fit the "pure" genetics the Nazis approve of; he's walking a very dangerous line there, and it serves as a particularly poignant bit of Catharsis Factor.

Season 5

  • In "The Curse of Clyde Langer", Sky continuously urges Sarah Jane and Rani to find Clyde even though they're affected by the curse against him. The way she doesn't step down and continues to argue about how important he is really is to them is a good moment. The verbal interchange with that scene in the attic is so great. Very compelling. When she calls upon Mr Smith after realising the cause of Clyde's curse, you just wanna cheer for her and when she's successful in pushing Sarah Jane and Rani to break the curse, it's an awesome moment!
    • Clyde reversing the curse by chanting his name against the Totem Pole is also an awesome moment.
    • It's particularly awesome given that even though she's been rapidly grown, Sky is still only days old! But she's still smart enough to figure out that there's something wrong!
  • Luke and Sky taking control of the Josef Serf hologram and pulling off a fantastic Indy Ploy in "The Man Who Never Was".
  • Farewell, Sarah Jane reveals just how petty the Trickster is. Sarah Jane is dead and he decides to crash the wake... and ends up being shrunken down into a box and thrown to the bottom of the ocean for a thousand years!