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  • It's quite possible to generate these at 'Fightback Zones', areas that occasionally appear during high alert periods where the Resistance rises up and engages in open battle with the Germans. One of these pops up at the Arc de Triomphe as part of the storyline, and the player can help the Resistance defend the makeshift barricades there. This results in a massive pitched battle, with hundreds of Germans swarming in, bullets flying, explosions going off, rockets slamming into the sandbags, your comrades falling left and right, and through it all, the massive arch above you and the French flags fluttering in the wind. If you successfully defeat them, you'll be treated to the sight of the surviving Germans turning tail and running while your fellow rebels cheer.
  • Near the beginning, after Dierker kills Jules because Sean won't "admit" that he's a British agent (despite Sean repeatedly telling him he's not), Sean snaps the ropes holding him down, then grabs Dierker and headbutts him.
  • After Sean crashes an exploding car into a Nazi celebration at the Eiffel Tower on camera:
    "Put that in your fucking movie."
  • The finale. Sean Devlin has been hunting Dierker for the entire game, and has finally cornered him in the Eiffel Tower. Through Sean's efforts, all of Paris is breaking into riots, the Resistance is beating back the Nazis and Dierker himself has started to slide into insanity. As Sean climbs the Deliberately Monochrome Eiffel Tower to haunting piano music, Nazi soldiers start plummeting to the ground, and he runs into several still living Nazis - several of whom are fleeing in terror. None of them attack him, some are drowning their sorrows and one shoots a prostitute and laughs hysterically before shooting himself. The Nazi general playing the piano calmly tells Sean that Dierker is upstairs, and goes back to playing the same tune over and over again. When Sean gets there, he arrives in time to see Dierker pulling a You Have Failed Me on a nameless mook. Dierker then turns to mock Sean, but it's clear that he has gone completely insane. He asks Sean "We are going to hell, aren't we, Irishman?" to which Sean responds "Maybe. But you'll get there before me." You can then shoot Dierker... or not. Either way, he drops off the top of the Eiffel Tower to a bloody splatter on the deck below, restoring color to the center of Paris, ridding the city of Nazi influence.
  • Awesome Music: In the final scene in the Eiffel Tower, a Nazi general plays a rather depressing version of Feeling Good by Nina Simone, which is incredibly haunting and beautiful especially given the dark atmosphere. Dierker has gone nuts and has begun killing his Nazi pals. The ones he hasn't gotten to yet are passed out, committing suicide or murdering the staff. All while he plays the same tune, over and over again.