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  • After a hard and brutal match, they become the first 2X NXT Tag Team Champions after beating American Alpha at NXT TakeOver: The End.
  • Their debut on the main roster: The New Day were in the ring (with Xavier and Kofi wearing shoulder pads like The Road Warriors, except in pastel colors and with ice cream cones instead of spikes) lamenting the fact that they didn't have a match at WrestleMania 33 the previous night. So they issued an open challenge to any tag team in the locker room. The next thing we hear: SAY YEAAAH!
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  • At the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, a fan (who turned out to be MMA fighter Zach Madsen) rushed into the ring and tackled Bret Hart during the induction speech for The Hart Foundation. As many wrestlers restrained the fan and attended to Bret and his niece, Natalya (who also took a bump when Bret got tackled), Wilder got the a huge reaction from the crowd when he gave the fan a well deserved punch in the face as he was being dragged out of the arena.


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