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Awesome / The Requiem of Remnant

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  • During most of Part 5, and in contrast to the JoJos of the previous parts, Giorno was mostly a Supporting Protagonist. While he was still cool to watch when he got the chance to shine, the focus of the story was more on Bucciarati's Gang; as they were involved in more fight scenes and Part 5 being told mostly through their perspective. Here, that is not the case, and with Giorno now being the main focus, he has plenty of kickass moments such as:
    • When he faces off against a gang of White Fang Mooks, he shows them why just because he is the most ruthless JoJo and why it is not a good idea to deny his mercy when he feels generous enough to give it out. With the help of Gold Experience, Giorno utterly decimates the group of White Fang grunts with no struggle whatsoever, all to save a lone Faunus that he doesn't even know.

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