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Awesome / The Replacements (2000)

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  • Danny shows up in the bar, wearing a sombrero and drinking hard liquor straight from the bottle, when it looks like eight guys are going to pound on Falco. Taking a cue from Falco, Danny full-on tackles Martel, picks him up off of the ground, and starts repeatedly slamming his face into the bar yelling 'who's the man?!' before throwing him into a glass display case. This all happens in about ten seconds and is just as good as it sounds.
    Falco: Hey, Danny!
    Bateman: (mid-swig) Yeah?
    Falco: Remember what I said about red shirts?
    Bateman: Yeah.
    Falco: Forget it!
    Bateman: (grinning maniacally) Okay!
    • It's even better once you remember that Martel is a spoiled pro player, who'd rather slide out two yards short of the goal, than risk getting tackled going for a touchdown. While Danny... Danny is a Gulf War vet with a Purple Heart, and a SWAT officer by day normally. Awesome.
    • We must also give thanks for Nigel's badass moment during the brawl when he taunts one pro player in the most awesome manner ever:
    Nigel: C'mon! C'mon—STOP! (He kicks the guy in the nuts with his kicking leg) Let's play football, bitch! (He then lays the guy out with another kick to the forehead)
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  • Nigel scores a winning point with a kick from 65 yards, more than half the total length of the field! Considering the longest successful field goal in the NFL is 64 yards, this is no small feat.
  • A double dose of awesome. Falco gets sick of a notorious defender on the opposing team constantly hitting him after he's already thrown the ball, so he orders his offensive line to let him through. The defender blitzes again, but Falco is ready for him and throws a bullet pass right into his helmet, knocking him out cold. The ball then ends up in Fumiko's hands, and he runs for a touchdown, even running the last five yards with three defenders on top of him.
  • When Shane comes back for the final game in the second half, Martel threatens to bring in the team owner. The replacement players then grab him and stuff him in something so he won't go anywhere until the game is over. Better still, he is dispatched with a single awesome quote from Orlando Jones:
    Martel: You'll never be anything more than a replacement player!
    Shane: Yeah. Yeah, I can live with that.
    Cochran: My brothers, will somebody please, please get this asshole outta here? (Cue the entire team bodily removing Martel from the locker room)
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  • The Dare to Be Badass Rousing Speech McGinty gives the team before the second half of the game against Dallas.
    McGinty: Listen up. This time tomorrow, the strike will be officially over. Dallas has made a big mistake. They haven't been afraid of you. They should be, because you have a powerful weapon working for you. There is no tomorrow for you. That makes you all very dangerous people!
  • Shane's first play upon his return to the field in time for the final game of the movie.
    Falco: "Kick Ass on one."
  • After the previously mentioned "Kick Ass on one," the Sentinels are backed up all the way to their own one yard line. Cochran gets the ball and proceeds to take it all the way downfield. He takes a leg-busting hit from a defender, but holds on to the ball and scores on a 99 yard play. And he's more than happy to go out in front of 80,000 people after making a play like that, finally having his professional moment.

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