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  • The fist-fight between Sean Thornton, oh right, John Wayne, versus Red Will Danaher. Basically what the whole movie is building toward. The fight not only helps Thorton's self-torment over having accidentally killed a boxer in the ring, but it resolves a handful of other issues the villagers of Innisfree were coping with. And the winner, not Danaher.
  • Before that, the moment where John Wayne bluffs Red Will into coughing up Mary Kate's dowry, in public view of the village. And then he scoops up the money and immediately heads for the nearby steam tractor to burn it. Meeting him at the firebox door is Mary Kate, who forcefully swings the door open for John to toss the money in, and then slamming it closed with satisfaction. John proved he loves his wife enough to stand up for her: Mary Kate proved to her husband it wasn't about the money.
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  • While they don't actually do anything, the thinly veiled threat from the IRA comes across as kinda badass. Michaleen certainly seemed to think so.
    Danaher: So the IRA's in this too, huh?
    Forbes: If it were, Red Will Danaher, not a scorched stone 'o your fine house'd be standin'.
    Michaleen: A beautiful sentiment!

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