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Awesome / The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe

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  • The comic pretty much sums the entire series in the title; Frank goes through almost every hero and villain in the Marvel Universe killing them in increasingly pragmatic ways, not even gods are safe from his rampage.
  • His fight against the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants stands out in paticular. How do you fight an army of mutants including god-tier characters like Magneto and Storm? Just trick both groups into traveling to the surface of the Moon and vaporizing them both with a nuclear warhead stolen from Doctor Doom of course!
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  • So which character puts up the toughest battle? Captain America with his years of expertise in fighting supervillains? The Wolverine with his regenerative abilities? Doctor Doom with his countless robot duplicates? No, it's The Kingpin, who comes closest to killing the Punisher, who is desperately emptying his guns on him before he goes down.
    "That — won't — save you — dead man!"

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