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  • Phil's Reason You Suck Speech on a kid who tweeted at Child Protective Services to make a false allegation against Phil, taken from the 6/22/2016 episode the day it happened.
    I talk about it in this video, 1) because you guys ask me but 2) does anyone know Mark's parents? I'd just like to have a conversation with them about their child who threatened myself and my son. I'm asking to talk to your parents because I don't want to "beef" with a child. Little boy, do you realize what a big deal that you were trying to contact child services on someone because you didn't like their tweet? And that said tweet was commentary on a big, notable person online using his fans' love to spread hate? "And if you help hate and try and suppress that thing maybe I'll even talk to you on camera ♥"
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  • DeFranco Elite had the fastest crowd funding Patreon campaign ever had; after just one day, it had the second highest Patreon Rank. A few days later, it was ranked at #1.
  • Phil calling out a YouTuber named DaddyOFive who did a very nasty prank video to his kids, and then later on doing two more videos calling out the father and his wife's hypocrisy over the obviously implied abuse they were inflicting on two of the kids in their videos.
    • His videos about them helped spread more attention to the channel, so much so the most abused children in the family are now in the custody of their biological mom!
  • Phil's epic takedown of a YouTube user in an episode of The Friday Show that responded to the 2017 Portland train stabbing, where a man shouting racist and anti-Muslim slurs at two teenage girls stabbed three men who tried to defend the girls, killing two and wounding one. The user claimed that the three men who intervened were merely "dumb fucks" who were white-knighting and should've stayed out of it unless there was physical assault occurring.


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