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Awesome / The Opposition with Jordan Klepper

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  • Kobi Libii's two-parter about Breitbart's "citizen journalism school" took an unexpected turn when the man in charge of the class Libbi went undercover discovered him, but this ended up becoming an opportunity for Libbi to pull an interview with him worthy of The Daily Show's best days.
  • Libii does it again when he discovers that Alex Jones has a speaking event and tries to attend it, only to be rejected, which leads him to "believe" that the reason he got ejected was that the Alex Jones attending the event was actually a crisis actor (clearly referencing Jones's conspiracy theory about victims of mass shootings being crisis actors), leading him to drop quite a few unsubltle Does This Remind You of Anything?-s when he later manages to talk the man himself (such as telling Jones that "obviously, calling a victim a crisis actor would be a monstrous thing to do."). In true Alex Jones fashion, his response consists of yelling, give him a bottle of his supplements (because Libbi says that the real Alex Jones would try to sell him some supplements) and say that Libii looks like the Chuck E. Cheese rat before having security escort him out.