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Awesome / The Official Unofficial Ouendan EBA Formspring RP

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Despite the fact that a majority of the things that happen in this RP are pretty mundane and/or just plain weird, there are some moments of awesome that pop up every now and then.

  • Perhaps one of, if not the best moment of awesome is when Reika gives her former fiancée a rousing Reason You Suck Speech.
    MinazukiReika:I could deal with you insulting me. I could deal with you insulting my work. I could deal with you insulting my friends, since you only went after the ones that could defend themselves. I could even deal with you taking all of my time just so I wouldn't spend it with anyone else. I drew the line at you invading my privacy. Are you really so pathetic as to think that the only real way of keeping me wrapped around your little finger was to blackmail me? I don't need trash like that in our family. And even after all of this you still have the guts to insult my father.... You must really. Have! A DEATH WISH!
    • She even slashes at him, and points her naginata at his crotch..

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