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  • Odysseus effortlessly strings his bow after all the suitors have tried and failed, then passes Penelope's test by shooting an arrow through twelve axe handles, all while disguised as a beggar. He then reveals himself to the stunned suitors and proceeds to slaughter them like the dogs they are.
    • Why they fail: when Odysseus strings the bow the description is that of stringing a recurve bow, a weapon that required both strength and skill to be strung. And while the suitors couldn't even tell it wasn't a straight bow, Odysseus had the strength and the skill.
      • And that makes Telemachus almost succeeding an awesome moment: during his three attempts he figures the technique out, without anyone telling him anything until Odysseys stops him from the fourth attempt.
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    • A subtle one for Antinous: while he couldn't recognize it was a recurve bow, he could rememeber it was Apollo's feast... And warn everyone to not risk and anger the God of Archery, suggesting to instead leave the axes in place, wait for the next day, make offerings to Apollo, and then try Penelope's test. He's wrong, but at least showed more wisdom than the others... And that's why Odysseus kills him first.
  • Every time Penelope proves she's just as smart as Odysseus:
    • Penelope fending off the suitors with various tricks. The best known is when she tells them she'll choose a suitor once she's finished weaving a burial shroud for Odysseus' father Laertes... And then every night she undoes her work. She fools them for three years straight, and would have continued had an unfaithful servant not revealed her game.
    • Setting up the archery contest, fully knowing the suitors won't be able to even string the bow-and staying there to enjoy the show while they try and fail. Only thing she didn't plan for that day... was for Odysseus being there in disguise and solve her problem for good...
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    • Once Odysseus has killed the suitors, Penelope wonders if it's a god in disguise... So she orders to move Odysseus's bed dragged from the bridal chamber-causing Odysseus to demand who dared to cut the bed from the living olive tree he carved it from, something only the two of them knew. Thus tricking the world's greatest trickster into proving his identity while she proved her fidelity to him in a single move.
  • Odysseus escaping from the cyclops. Before the cyclops went to sleep, Odysseus told it "I am No One." While it was asleep, Odysseus and his men blinded it with a flaming stake, then ran away. The cyclops began yelling and when the other cyclopes called out to him to ask what was wrong, he said "No One is hurting me!" Thinking that "no one" was hurting him, i.e. that he was all right, the other cyclopses never came to help, and Odysseus got away safely.
    • And after that? He taunted the Cyclops as they sailed away.
  • In Chapter 14, Hera asks Sleep (Hypnos) to put Zeus to, well, sleep for her. He recounts what happened the last time he did that—namely, Zeus woke up, realized what had happened, and was about to drown Sleep when Night (Nyx, Sleep's mom) steps in. And Zeus is so afraid to do anything that might piss Night off that he backs down.
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  • Athena's awesome and terrifying Mind Rape of the suitors' heads.
  • When Odysseus finally reveals himself to the suitors who have taken over his house while he was away on his voyage, he gives a bone-chillingly epic speech that makes all the abuse he took leading up to it worth it:
    "You yellow dogs, you thought I'd never make it
    back from the land of Troy. You took my house to plunder,
    twisted my maids to serve your beds. You dared
    bid for my wife while I was still alive.
    Contempt was all you had for the gods who rule wide heaven,
    contempt for what men say of you hereafter.
    Your last hour has come. You die in blood."
  • This Pre-Mortem One-Liner from one of the film adaptations:
    Odysseus: "Telemachus, now is the time to express your anger."
  • Athena helps in the final battle against Penelope's Unwanted Harem by flashing her terrifying aegis to them.


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