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Awesome / The Night Comes for Us

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  • Ito's fight at the butcher shop where he slaughters seven men singlehandedly. Then, when caught by corrupt cops, he manages to escape from their van with a grenade.
  • The fight at the apartment building has quite a few for Ito's friends:
    • When a two of Yohan's men enter the elevator with, Bobby manages to get Shinta to safety by pushing her out and pretending to be an ex-boyfriend who doesn't want her around anymore. He then whips out a switchblade and the next time we see him he's limping out of the elevator covered in their blood but alive.
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    • This is then followed by him using a "wet floor" sign as a makeshift bulletproof vest.
    • The above mentioned incident ties into Fatih's own moment of awesome. When Bobby is shot and supposedly killed by one of Yohan's men, an enraged Fatih kills a few of them before Bobby gets back up and comes to his aid.
    • Even Fatih's cousin Wisnu gets one. When two bad guys come at him and Reina, Wisnu manages to shoot one of them in the leg with his gun despite his obvious inexperience with firearms. He also manages to stab another to death despite being injured.
    • The fact that it took Elena to kill Bobby. This was a guy with one leg and a severe drug problem and yet he managed to survive the movie up until he ran into one of the Triad's most elite assassins.
    • With Bobby and Wisnu both dead and Ito in the custody of corrupt cops, Fatih manages to keep Reina safe long enough for Reina to escape and find Ito at the cost of his own life.
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    • Arian saving Fatih and Reina from Alma creative use of his jacket.
    • Even little Reina gets one when she stabs an enemy in the neck with a piece of glass when he tries to take her from the car.
  • The Operator killing Alma and Elena.
  • Arian and Ito's final battle.
  • The last shot of the movie is a Bolivian Army Ending in which Ito drives his car towards Chien Wu and his men as they open fire on him.

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