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A moment of Gold. Pure, champion gold.
  • "Guess what, guess what?! This match is no-DQ!" Xavier Woods pulling off a last-minute save by throwing his trombone at Kalisto just as he was about to grab the New Day's Tag Team title, allowing Kofi Kingston to get the win.
  • The 12/12/16 edition of Raw. If they walked out of the show as tag team champions, then at midnight, they would become the longest-reigning tag team champions in company history (surpassing Demolition). But they had to win not one, but two triple threat tag team matches (it was originally scheduled to be just one match, but then Xavier Woods accidentally soaked his boss with champagne during their victory party and she booked them in a second to get back at them, though at least it wasn't her idea). Their first match, to open the show, was against the team of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and the team of Cesaro and Sheamus, and their second, to close out the show, was against the team of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens and the team of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. They won both matches. Against eight of the best competitors on Raw. (or six, depending on how you feel about Reigns and Sheamus.) IN THE SAME NIGHT.
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  • Winning 411mania's annual "Wrestler of the Year" award, especially as it is an award typically reserved for singles wrestlers, and for main eventers rather than upper mid-carders like the New Day.
  • The escalating war they had with the Usos from June to October 2017. Standout matches include Battleground, the Summerslam pre-show, the "Sin City Streetfight" on Smackdown, and the first ever tag team Hell in a Cell match. Every match was more bonkers than the last, and they only stopped out of mutual respect because they figured they couldn't top their Hell in a Cell match without someone seriously getting hurt. In fact, this feud effectively turned the Usos from heels or tweeners back into babyfaces, while still getting both teams cheered, and the New Day would go on to lead the entire Smackdown locker room into Survivor Series that year.
    • This paid off in a HUGE way in 2019. Throughout Kofi's run for the championship, the New Day were barred from ringside, but instead watched matches from backstage, with an ever-growing group of other wrestlers, as Kofi fought off multiple gauntlet matches and the Elimination Chamber. The wrestlers most consistently by Woods and E's side were the Usos. The last obstacle that Vince McMahon put to prevent Kofi from reaching his earned WWE Heavyweight title match at Wrestlemania 35 was a 4 tag team gauntlet match. It was the mutual respect built over the previous feud that prompted the Usos to forfeit their part of the gauntlet match, allowing Woods and Big E to rest before Vince added yet another obstacle, and eventually clearing the way for Kofi's trip to Wrestlemania.
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  • The opening match for Survivor Series 2017 was the New Day...vs. The Shield. That woke the crowd right up, and included amazing spots, such as a double Midnight Hour on Ambrose and Rollins. Even though New Day lost, they didn't look weak at all.
  • Off-camera example: Their collective response to Hulk Hogan getting reinstated into the HOF a mere three years after being UnPersoned. The level of nuance and sophistication is a reminder that they're Genius Bruisers on top of being hilarious.
  • On an August 2018 episode of Smackdown, after winning against the Bludgeon Brothers in by disqualification, The New Day are given a rematch for the Smackdown Tag Titles in an absolutely brutal No DQ match and prevailed, winning themselves their 5th Tag Team Title reigns. Even more impressive? Kofi and Xavier were the ones wrestling, Big E sat this one out to recover, they did it without their powerhouse, and through sheer will, won the match.
  • March 26th, 2019: Before Wrestlemania 35 commences, Vince makes an offer to The New Day. To ensure that Kofi's going to Wrestlemania, Big E and Xavier Woods must go through a 4 tag-team gauntlet match (Kofi himself going through a similar thing the week prior) and they end up winning. Special points go to how they defeat Erick Rowan and Daniel Bryan in the end, with Big E flipping a table over Rowan so he's eliminated by count-out.
  • Throughout Kofi's chase for the WWE title, the three members of the New Day and Byron Saxton as their ally on commentary all found different, effective ways to detail WWE's history of a glass ceiling for black wrestlers, and the obstacles those wrestlers face, while at the same time not explicitly mentioning it and turning off the fans who deny that reality.
  • The team went to Extreme Rules 2019 with just Kofi holding the WWE Championship, while Big E and Xavier went as contenders in a triple-threat match which also involved Heavy Machinery and the then champion duo of Daniel Bryan and Rowan. Kofi successfully defended his title against Samoa Joe, while Big E and Xavier won the Smackdown Tag Team Champions, meaning that the three of them exited Extreme Rules holding titles!.
  • Xavier Woods proved his worth during the early days of The New Day. When Vince McMahon denied Woods' request to turn them heel, Woods made a bet with Vince. If he can't make The New Day as convincing Heels, he will quit WWE. Remember that Woods was basically the one being carried by Kofi and Big E, as he was the newest on the roster by then. For him to go up to Vince and make a bold claim like that meant that he had that much faith in the group. Vince took him up on that offer and The New Day succeeded, becoming one of WWE's greatest factions in history.
    • During the whole Kofimania movement, Vince, while saying it as a backhanded compliment towards Kofi Kingston however, says he does believe The New Day have done more than enough to earn their spot in the Hall of Fame.
    • In a twisted reflection of the past Xavier Woods has stated in interviews that he's suggested in recent years the New Day turning Heel but Vince refused... because the New Day are SO popular as Faces that he doesn't want to risk that.
  • September 13, 2021: Raw: Big E takes to Twitter and tells the world he's cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase that night. After taunting Bobby Lashley at least twice about that, after an exhausting WWE Championship match between Lashley and challenger Randy Orton, which Bobby won, Big E kept his word, surrendering the case, and after hitting The Big Ending on Lashley in a quick match, gets the winning pinfall and accomplishes the following:
    • Becomes the 54th WWE Champion.
    • Becomes the 33rd man to win the WWE Triple Crown. Xavier and Kofi joined him in celebration in one of the best endings to Raw in many years.
    • For African-American / Black accomplishments in the WWE:
      • The 3rd WWE Champion.
      • The 6th World Heavyweight Champion (counting Ron Simmons).
      • The 4th Triple Crown Champion.
      • The only champion to gain a championship from another black champion (male only). The 2nd overall.
      • The only champion to successfully cash-in a Money-In-The-Bank.


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