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As with most deconstructions of TCB, this fic has its fair share of awesome moments:

  • Twilight's Heel–Face Turn in part one, which sets the stage for the rest of the series.
  • Lyra managing to recruit several key ponies, including Fluttershy and even Discord by extension, into her rebellion and joining forces with humanity to fight against Celestia and her conversion efforts. This alliance between man and pony results in several instances of CMOA for the good guys such as:
    • Developing the Thalmann Anti-Magic Generators, which allowed Earth to finally go on the offensive and take the fight to Equestria. Highlights of how useful they were include:
      • Destroying the barrier surrounding Equestria and the lands/countries the ponies conquered, leaving them wide open to a human counterattack.
      • Draining Luna of her magic so she could then be killed by a hailstorm of bullets during the Battle of Jerusalem.
      • Forcing Celestia into a six-year-long coma, which finally brought the war to a close.
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    • The ponies destroyed Rome and Mecca with their Crystal Cannon superweapon in hopes of breaking mankind's spirit... AND FAILED. To their horror, humanity, enraged over their loss, straight up nuked the Crystal Empire as payback, reducing the region to a nuclear wasteland, nearly wiping out the crystal ponies, and utterly demoralizing the Equestrians instead.
  • Twilight openly condemning Celestia for everything she did, and even calling her former mentor out on it right to her face. Gone is the naive, loyal student who took everything Celestia said as gospel; she has now grown into her own mare who knows better than to blindly follow somepony without question and start thinking for herself rather than constantly seek Celestia's approval at the expense of herself and others.
  • The utter decimation of the Equestrian Freedom Fighters terrorist organization, carried out by the first coalition of human and pony soldiers formed after the war's end.
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  • Twilight successfully developing an antidote for ponification and curing every single human afflicted by it.

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