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Awesome / The Miracle at Palaven

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The Miracle at Palaven was when the tide turned for the turians. Naturally, this means awesome moments happen:

  • One of the first ones is when a krogan commando gets into a fight with a turian soldier, tearing off one of his mandibles. A krogan officer breaks up the fight, and orders the krogan to tear off part of his headpiece and give it to the turian. The krogan commando refuses and crushes the mandible in spite. Cue the officer headbutting the malcontent into submission, carving off a piece of his headcrest and tossing it to the turian, and then spacing the rebellious commando. And then, he orders the ship's VI to have a camera track the commando for all to see as he's flying into the atmosphere of Palaven, as he burns up. From that point on, there were no more altercations between the turians and krogan on board the carrier Example.
  • The Bosh'tet Express.
    • In twenty eight hours, the quarians move more turians than turian flight control moves in a week. The arrival of the Bosh'tet Express allows the turians to move their wounded behind the lines for medical treatment, eases their supply situation, and most importantly, gives them hope.
  • Kal'Reegar's last stand. Outmanned, outnumbered, outgunned, he and his men hold the line and died to get vital information to the mission planners.
  • The Miracle itself. 97 Reapers targeted by SLENDER SCALPEL, 91 successfully (and simultaneously) destroyed Reapers. And that was before the Turian/Krogan forces followed up, destroying an additional 23 in orbit and 13 on the ground while they were stunned by the massive comm network disruption caused by so many full-size Reapers being simultaneously destroyed, and the additional turkey shoot on the confused hordes of husks.
  • How many carriers does it take to kill a Reaper? One. At sufficient velocity.

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