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Awesome / The Matrix Resurrections

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Once again, Neo begins to believe.
"I still know kung-fu!"

  • The trailer has plenty of beautiful action scenes that feel well at home in The Matrix franchise.
    • Neo and Morpheus fight once again in a dojo, with the two matching each other in combat. However, Neo demonstrates his true power by blasting Morpheus away, blowing the entire dojo to smithereens. This entire moment is pictured.
    • Jessica Henwick has three moments of acrobatic excellence. Firstly, she escapes armed police by jumping from a building, landing on the corner of another building to the point of breaking it, and then hopping off it looking no worse for wear. The second has her vaulting over a halting police car while policemen and agents are firing at her. Finally, there is a hallway scene where she runs on a wall while shooting at two pursuing agents, followed by her leaping around the room while bullets fly.
    • Neo protects Trinity by doing his iconic Bullet Dodges You technique against multiple armed police.
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    • While Trinity and Neo are on a motorcycle, they skid across a corner and knock down several people chasing after them.
    • Lastly, Neo one-ups his previous psychokinetic abilities against bullets and machines by redirecting a helicopter missile towards another helicopter!
    • Neo shows a whole new ability of The One as he jumps off a building, then pushes off against thin air to head back into the fight.
    • Just the fact that Neo seems to be finally be allowed to show off how powerful "The One" was supposed to be, after the previous sequels seemed to nerf exactly how Godlike The One is supposed to be.
  • Trinity finally realizing her true identity in the coffee shop.
    Chad: [forcefully] Tiffany, you have to come with us. Tiffany!
    [the music crescendos and stops]
    Trinity: [aggravated] I wish you would fucking stop calling me that. I hate that name. [turns to face Chad] My name is Trinity, and you'd better take your hands off of me.
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  • Smith forming a temporary alliance with Neo and Trinity to fight off The Analyst and allow them to escape the Agents.
  • Trinity awakening the ability to fly.
  • Trinity's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on the Analyst for all the shit he put her and Neo through. She starts of by knocking his jaw of (as she had mentioned wanting to do earlier) for giving her the name "Tiffany", then resetting him and slicing his throat open for making her a married woman with kids.