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    • What makes it even better is that Morpheus, instead of using Neo as a symbol of hope (since not everyone believes in The One), reminds Zion that they've fought back the machines before and they'll do so again. Granted, the upcoming invasion is an unprecedented threat, but it's still impressive that Morpheus manages to appeal to the people without forcing his ideology on them.
  • The "Burly Brawl", which has Neo battling an army of Smiths.
  • The fight in the Merovingian's chateau between Neo and the Merovingian's goons.
    • Neo stopping a sword on the edge of his hand just to show off nearly matches Trinity's "Dodge this" moment from the first movie. That he bled a single drop of blood somehow made that moment even more awesome.
  • Morpheus fighting Agent Johnson on a moving semi. At first, he's only managing to hold his own with difficulty, at one point resorting to grabbing the Agent's tie to stay on the truck. He eventually gets knocked across the back of the truck, flat on his stomach, only to see his katana still stuck in the side after his Stepping-Stone Sword earlier. Johnson fastidiously tucks his tie back in, with the most contemptuous look on his face, before moving in for the which point Morpheus leaps up, sword in hand. Johnson stumbles back, his tie cut neatly in two, while Morpheus performs his classic Bring It stance. The grin is what sells it.
    • And that was after taking out the Twins (who were driving an Escalade SUV) with a katana and a Glock 18 in a slow motion maneuver that has to be seen to be believed.
    • That entire gloriously OTT sequence was a Crowning Car Chase of Awesome.
  • Reloaded is arguably a long string of Crowning Moments...until it slammed to a screeching halt when Neo met the Architect. But then you've got Neo saving Trinity, Morpheus' line after the Nebuchadnezzar is destroyed, Neo stopping the Sentinels...
    • Even the Architect scene is a Crowning Moment for the machines, as it takes everything Neo (and by extension, the rest of the rebels) thought they knew about Zion, and revealed it to be nothing more than part of the machines' plan.
  • Neo "doing his Superman thing" so fast that everything he passes is either shattered or sucked down the street after him while flying to rescue Trinity.
  • Truly Morpheus is The Comically Serious.
    Smith: I want what you want. I want everything.
    Morpheus: *instantly snaps his pistol to Smith's head* Would that include a bullet from this gun?
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  • Ah, but the most awesome moment of all is the most subtle. It goes to the unlikeliest of characters— the nerdy Keymaker. Trinity's guarding him, and she needs to steal a ride...
    Trinity: I need a download to hotwire a motorcycle.
    Link: Not a problem, one crash course in motorcycle...
    Keymaker: *gives her exactly the key she needs*
    Trinity: Wait. Cancel that. *hangs up* You are handy.
  • Somehow this hasn't been mentioned, so, Neo vs. Seraph. It's a quick and raw fight that nicely establishes Seraph's skill, what with being able to match a fully awakened Neo in a fashion that's only ever matched and outdone by Smith.
  • This movie has one of the most epic DVD menus ever. Brilliant composition of shots and music to give it a trailer-like feel.
  • Every frame of the film involving The Twins, but in particular the moment their Creepy Monotone betrays a flicker of emotion after one of them gets cut by his own scalpel. Before, smug Consummate Professionals just carrying out an increasingly tedious task. Afterward...
    Twin #2: Yes, we are.
    • What makes it even more awesome, especially for British fans of the movie, is just who the Twins are. When the original Matrix movie was released, Neil and Adrian Raymentnote  were still a pair of sidekick handymen on a British DIY shownote .
  • Neo vs. Bane!Smith: in contrast to the stylized fighting in the virtual world it's a knockdown-dragout slugfest which mostly consists of the two punching the stuffing out of each other and taking turns ramming each other into pieces of machinery. And it's just as awesome.


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