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Awesome / The Matrix: Path of Neo

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  • The game was hyped as a playable version of the film trilogy in which certain scenes and plot points were altered for a better videogame experience; the actual plot alterations suit this concept well, even if the actual game design fell rather flat. But the Crowning Moment comes at the end, when the Wachowskis — as little 1-bit sprites in a Construct program (Lana as the pink one, naturally) — interrupt the final fight to explain that Neo's sacrifice would make for a terrible ending to a videogame, because gamers want a final boss fight, and they will therefore get one as Neo takes on "Mega Smith." The whole thing is a very thinly veiled Take That! at everyone who started professing hatred for the movies as they started losing the pretense of being action flicks and became more openly cerebral, with thicker symbolism instead of direct dialogue.
    • The first level is the office where Neo gets the phone call from Morpheus. Unlike the movie, you can actually climb onto the scaffolding, and even escape the building without being arrested.
  • Being able to finally play as Neo. You get to use Bullet Time, and pull off awesome stunts like dodging bullets, stopping bullets and throwing things around with telekinesis. or kicking multiple people's asses at once.
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  • Getting to use the Code Vision, which we only see Neo actually use twice, anytime you want in the game after the Captain's Meeting level. Suddenly, nobody can sneak up on you, but you can plan your next moves and everything just looks awesome.
  • For Chang Tzu, implied by one of the SWAT guys who asks:
    SWAT guy: Why'd they send so many of us out ? I mean, it's just one guy, it's overkill.
    • Chang Tzu proves this about a minute later when he, a guy who, mind he is not unplugged, manages to throw an Agent through a very thick wooden door.
    • Neo's reaction in that scene, sensing the Agent, and cart wheeling aside just in time, as it flys through the door to avoid being knocked over...he missed being hit by an inch. That's how hard and fast Chang Tzu can hit hard and fast enough to surprise Neo and almost inadvertently take him out.
    • Also after you fight him, when you make a brief badass team and take down a trio of Agents together.
  • Just before the first fight in Club Hel, when Neo shows a Big Brother Instinct as he protects the Hard-Drinking Party Girl potential redpill from the Merovingian's lackeys.
    • Also when said girl helps out in the next fight, by breaking the guns out of the safe and giving them to you.
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  • Neo's fight with Seraph which is a lot longer, with three stages and a lot harder than it looks in the movies. The movie theater guy at the third round just makes it even more awesome.
  • Playing the Burly Brawl and beating the Smiths. No, not being Dog Pile Of Doomed like in the movies, actually beating all the Smiths. Cue awesome Victory Pose.


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