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    Season One 
  • Near the beginning of Day 7, meme!Batman uncovers the entrance to the Batcave, as well as five velociraptors in the main wing. What does he do? He revs up the GODDAMN Batmobile, runs over two of them, and punches the other two velociraptors in the face.
  • Selvaria's You Shall Not Pass! moment facing off against a shipload of Imperial Stormtroopers including Humongous Mecha. And winning!
  • Edward the Fullmetal Alchemist, instead of dying to Darth Vader, makes himself into a bomb and explodes. This was after killing several of Vader's elite guard and blocking his lightsber with his metal arm.
  • Bowser digging himself into Leviathan, until he reached the heart.
  • Ryofu has several:
    • her first Hadoken;
    • The Reveal about Ryofu working for Darth Vader.
    • Ryofu punched Vader when he was ready for a swordfight.
  • Winslow appeared in the city by falling from the space as meteor. On Makuta's head. I dare you to say it was not awesome.
  • Spriggan and Max working together when the former used M67 frag grenades as projectiles while Max used his Jedi powers to hurl them at Dark Troopers in the interior of the Exactor during Day 11.
    • To further support his comrades, Spriggan fired a multi-barrel grenade launcher dropped Dark Trooper and used it to kill them.
    "You think you Ghost in the Shell wannabees can overwhelm us?! Well think again!! You can kill us, you can dismember us, you can even pawn us! But we will not surrender until you walk over our goddamn bodies, you hear me!"
  • Max does an epic beatdown on Xemnas during Day 11 as a Shut Up, Hannibal!.
  • Max causes several Nobodies to back away from him.
  • Sam and Max using the De Soto as a method of forceful infiltration via smashing straight through the hulls of a Borg Cube, the Exactor, AND Xemnas' ship. All three instances during a single DAY.
  • If this troper is allowed: Dimitri gets a minor one. After being The Chew Toy and basically being useless, he gets a bone thrown to him. With his spider-mech, he plows through Nobodies like nothing. Granted, it isn't out of the ordinary (and he explodes shortly after) but still.
  • Brian finishing off Enerjak with a giant rock definitely may count. Dimitri's reaction after the battle is only better.
    • Yes, but don't forget that Maria threw a computer at Enerjak, knocking him out in the first place.
  • Naked Snake barfs on the vampire-based Djinni, having eaten garlic Blutwurst.
  • Kamina Shoryukening a Djinni twice the size of Gurren.
  • Angelus turning the Troper's teleporting power against him by spraying flames throughout the entire dimension the Troper used for teleporting, burning herself in the process.
  • Maria's, Raz's, and Kamina's plan of killing the Troper, who was alit in Valkryria Flames, by dropping an exploding Gurren on him!
    • Also a Crowning Moment for the Troper as he got up afterwards, albiet looking more like The Terminator.
  • Spriggan snipes the fake Selvaria's legs with a silenced VKS anti-material sniper rifle, giving the real Selvaria time for a fatal blow.
  • The final boss battle. Doubly so because it's against a dark version of Ahiru — the original GM's GMPC and the very first character to appear in the game, providing bonus Where It All Began points.

    Season Two 
  • Spriggan immobilizing a Hunter-type zombie by throwing a used 100-round Beta C-Mag drum magazine at it, making it crash into a cubicle.
  • Harima and Shiro fighting the zombies with their backs facing each other.
  • Iroh killing a zombie horde.
  • And another one for Spriggan: Spriggan vs Dragon (Lesser Dragon, but still). Spriggan wins by using a silenced VKS anti-material sniper rifle.
  • Everyone gets one during the fight with Yugi. To date:
    • Shirou and Fate defending the rest from Enerjak.
    • The entire fight is basically one big one for Harima. He fused with a Lucario and piloted a Power Rangeresque robot called Dojibiron. He also fused Wreck-Gar with his robot, making it doubly awesome.
    • Simon using Grand Cross to destroy all the monsters before the God cards were summmoned.
    • Maria's dragon taking Slifer the Sky Dragon Executive Producer on.
    • Bran protecting the citizens with Swords of Revealing Light.
    • Dimitri attempting to nuke the God Cards with a WMG.
    • Wreck-Gar beating several Kuribohs with a tree: doubles as a Funny Moment (Your hairy balls are no match for my long wood!)
    • Fate subduing Enerjak.
    • Jack Dual Wielding the Warhammer of Zillyhoo and Double-Edged Sword against the Egyptian God cards.
  • During the fight with Zim, Sayd tries to calm him down bathing him in the blue light of Hope. This is his response:
"...I...I hope...I hope to be liked...I hope to be tall...I hope to be the best...I hope that I'm respected...I hope that I'm feared...I hope that I'm powerful...I hope to be unstoppable...I hope that all my enemies are strewn at my feet and all human beings have their"

If Sayd could feel Zim's emotions, she would feel their natural flowing flicker and spark. A glitch in the program. A ghost in the machine. A madness in a brain pattern that must not be. But it belied something else...a base instinct and desire, for all members of the Irken Race to conquer and destroy, until there was nothing left.

Zim smiled. "Not what you expected, female? I guess you don't know me very well." He punched her.
  • During Mecha Day, Zero imitates the Megas XLR intro. Much more awesome than it sounds.
  • At the end of Day 5, 63 shows up to taunt the various characters about the feelings they'd come to develop for one another, attempting to sow doubt and guilt into the group. However, Shirou points out a critical flaw int he facts of his rant, proving that 63 is not all-knowing, as well as being the first person to actually catch 63 off-guard.
  • Day 6: The dodgeball match. Just...the dodgeball match.
  • Jack the Ripper as a persistent security guard in stopping violators. Don't mess with him.
  • The big fight between Alex and the students/teachers in City High led by Shepard, Jack of Blades and Shiro.
  • In Day 7, Ciaphas Cain makes an introduction by busting in the Orange Room with his tank, nearly startling everyone inside.
  • Meta-example in the discussion thread: Boom-de-yada, The Massive Multi Fandom RPG Edition and Boom-de-yada, The Massive Multi Fandom RPG Edition 2 (ignore everything above the line)!
  • Shirou, Subaru, Fate, Maria, Braig, and Shepard vs. Gilgamesh in Shirou's Mindscape on Day 7. Everyone gets a chance to show what they're made of, while the rest of the characters cheer them on.
  • Harima's mindscape had Pyrrhus lead an army of 2000 Greek velociraptors vs. 5000 Terra Cotta Soldiers. Harima and Karasuma fight with PENS and draw things to life in an epic battle. Harima then wins with the power of music.
  • Pyrrhus gets another one. Words cannot describe it, so here.
  • Asuka's truly epic verbal beatdown on Hito-Shura, who had been being a dick for several days.
    "Who the fuck do you think you are? You don't get to lecture me on anything, you fucking coward! You just run away from all your fucking problems! You ran away from me when I needed you! You ran away from having to fucking confront me later! Hell, you're just fucking running from yourself most of the time, you ball-less little shithead!"

    Asuka was by this point right in front of the Demi-Fiend, screaming right into his face. "You're even worse than fucking Shinji, at least he had the balls to actually confront his problems once in a fucking while!"

    The redhead shoved him to the floor with both her bound hands.

    "You're pathetic. You're a coward and a fucking hypocrite." She finished coldly. "I hate you."
  • Everyone fighting against 63 and copies of the Black Hand, Queen, Omega and Kopassus commandos.
  • Day 8 - Shirou, this post.
  • On Day 10, Shinji tries to drag Sakura home against her will, obviously having bad intentions. Cue Crona charging in and tackling him, before beating the crap out of him. No powers, no sword, no black blood. Just her fists. She ends up in just as bad of shape as he does by the end, but she still knocks him down several pegs.
  • Day 13 - Fefnir vs Sky Net. Fireballs were cut in half with whips, one liners were uttered, and a head got cut in half. From the inside.
  • The fight between Charade-Pool and Naked Snake during underground day. Can you say Curb-Stomp Battle?
  • Day 19 - Bowser makes an epic Badass Boast to #666. Context here.

     Season Three 

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