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Awesome / The Magic of Torchwood

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  • Jack VS Bellatrix.
    • Round two comes complete with great dialogue:
    Jack: Love you too, honey!And thank your boss for instigating the revolving door prison system, too... I'm gonna need it for flaying you alive, at my age!
    Jack: *Bellatrix tries to curse him while he's talking to Old Torchwood. He does an Offhand Backhand* Excuse me, I think I have a date.
  • Harry's Curbstomp Battle mental battle against Voldemort, after Jack trains him.
  • Jack taking down Malfoy with a pocket mirror and a Thestral.
  • Pretty much everything Jack does really.
  • Thadius Vance killing several Death Eaters at the age of 13 with a bout of rage/grief inspired accidental magic after he saw his mother be killed by death eaters.
    • The fact he took them on is telling.
  • "Always the peacemaker Harkness."
    • "I prefer Webley." Hermione is the only one who gets it.
  • Owen taking down Umbridge.
  • Neville's comment to Ron about Ron's attitude toward Slytherin.
  • Jack in Chapter 94. The Pre-Asskicking One-Liner is very justified.
    Jack: You really don't want a dogfight with me...
    Jack: (after using a tail gunner charlie manoeuvre to sucker two Death Eaters and knock them out of the sky) Easy!
    • Then he pulls it on freaking Voldemort! Though it doesn't work for long.
  • Ianto. Scabior. A non lethal variant of John Hart's lipgloss.
  • How Ianto subdued Jack who became a werewolf. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Jack. Voldemort. lightsaber
  • Ianto's free-falling spell. Voldemort never knew who hit him.

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