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The Love Bug (original version)

  • Herbie winning the El Dorado even after ripping himself literally in half with sheer determination.
    Carol: I'd think you'd better stop before someone gets hurt!
    Jim: (pressing Herbie's brakes and jiggling with his key) No dice, Herbie doesn't want to stop!

Herbie Rides Again

  • Herbie rallying up nearly every Volkswagen in San Francisco and aiding in the defense of Grandma Steinmetz's firehouse.
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  • Grandma Steinmetz proves you don't want to mess with her. After Hawk robs her blind, she first douses him with suds. Then she tricks a wrecking ball company into knocking down his house.

Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

  • The sheer fact that, despite the fact that Jim, Wheelie and Herbie are all knocked to last place by various events, multiple times, they still manage to pass by everyone and come in first.
  • Jim is in the middle of a comeback race, having (once again) gotten to the head of the pack and . He then sees Diane and her car in a lake, having lost control. He immediately considers and decides to go back and help her out.

Herbie Goes Bananas

  • The bull fight sequence.
  • Herbie surviving being dumped overboard and "swimming" across the open ocean, through the Panama canal to shore. Despite his immersion in salt water, he's still going strong.
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  • Prindle, the film's Big Bad, being well aware of Herbie's abilities. He is the only villain in the original films to have the good sense to simply avoid getting into a fight and get as far away from Herbie as possible once he has what he wants.
  • Prindle's Pragmatic Villainy, bordering on Villain Respect, is best described in this exchange. Bear in mind, they're in a plane and neither Herbie nor Paco know they've been spotted:
    Quinn: Why don't we go down and force them off the road?
    Prindle: [with an expression that says: "What? You were with me at that bullfight right?"] Because we just might come off second best.
    Shephard: Well what's a Bug and a kid going to do?
    Prindle: [laughs] Something quite unexpected, I assure you. We'll wait until it stops.

Herbie the Love Bug/Herbie the Matchmaker (TV miniseries)


The Love Bug (1997 remake)

Herbie: Fully Loaded

  • When Herbie gets out of his suicidal funk in the demolition derby when he realises Maggie is in danger trying to save him. To that end, he takes on a monster truck to the music of Van Halen's "Jump" and wins!

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