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Awesome / The Light in the Darkness

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  • Rainbow Dash being completely prepared to beat the tar out of what she perceived as a burglar who might've done something with Pinkie Pie. Sure, there wasn't one, but it was still pretty badass of her.
    • Dash gets extra points for pressing on into a room with a potentially armed intruder armed with nothing but saddlebags, in cramped, indoor surroundings where her wings would be useless. The only thing which could have been braver would have been if she'd gone in unarmed.
    • She also gets more awesome points when ones considers what was in the saddlebags: one-of-a-kind Wonderbolts memorabilia that she'd just got from watching a Wonderbolts show. She was prepared to sacrifice those things if it meant Pinkie was going to be okay. Element of Loyalty indeed.
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  • In many ways, the whole story combines Moment of Awesome with Heartwarming Moments. It just…feels right for this universe.


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