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  • The first time you enter the Arena. Just the opening cutscene alone showing off how gigantic and maze-like it is is Awesome-worthy.
  • Asthar gets one for finding a fast way to invade the Gurak base by downing one of the various flying creatures with a single stroke of his sword so he can ride it into the base himself. Not only does this demonstrate some of his combat skills, but also demonstrates his ability to think on his feet and improvise to achieve his goals (which were, at the time, to invade the Gurak base to rescue Calista).
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  • Count Arganan's strategic manipulating of events and of everyone throughout the game. Firstly, having his niece Calista engaged to Jirall, whose family happens to be closer to the Emperor and therefore give Arganan more power if it went through. When he realizes that Zael has the Outsider's power, he wastes no time quicklypropping up Zael in the public's favour by telling everyone in the court that he is the savior for Lazulis Island and ensuring that Jirall's charges against Zael for kidnapping Calista are dropped. It also helps that he clearly plays on Zael's love for Calista and his dream to be a knight to tip Zael in his favour. If it wasn't for Zael refusing the knighthood late in the game, Arganan probably could have gotten everything he wanted with the man with the Outsider's power on his side to decimate the Gurak and therefore make Arganan the most powerful man in the whole Empire. You have to admit it's pretty awesome how he can quickly think on his feet to figure out these plans, even if said plans weren't good.
  • When Zael is finally about to be knighted, he gets up and refuses to be knighted after seeing how rotten the system is, storms off and goes in search of Calista, and they run off to a triumphant rendition of the game's main theme.
    • From the same scene, Therius' taking a stand against the Count for Zael. It was an awesome moment for both characters, and went to show how much they both grew in their own ways.
    • Calista, who gets slapped around by her uncle Count Arganan, finally gets fed up with it and gives Arganan an Armor-Piercing Slap because she's done putting up with his abuse. She slaps him so hard that he actually falls over.
  • Yurick's killing blow on Zesha is throwing a fireball... with his father's dagger inside it.
  • Therius gets one for being one of the only knights left standing to fight the Gurak while the other knights flee when the Gurak invade Lazulis for the third time during the game. Asthar would be proud.
    • Another one for Yurick during the Final Boss: an unbreakable shield is put up, and the part decides to attack it with everything they have, but instead get blown backwards. Yurick then removes his eyepatch, revealing the Magical Eye that the eyepatch acted as a Power Limiter for, and his Limit Break Meteor gets upgraded to Big Bang. Once you give him the order, he shouts "BURN IN HELL" and utterly destroys both the shield and the ability for the boss to create a shield. Then he realizes he can control his Magical Eye now, and his Limit Break remains for the rest of the battle.
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  • Jirall Rambaldt, of all people, gets one for his boss battle on the ship with Zael. Sure, he was driven to insanity partly due to his losses at that point in the game and potentially also being mindcontrolled by the sword Zangurak gifted him post-breaking out of prison, but his crazy dialogue on top of the musical theme "Invitation To Madness" (an amped-up remix of "Fallen Nobles" including an electric guitar accompaniment) playing made many fans agree that it was an a fun battle to play through.
  • Zesha's solo boss battle post- Zepha's death. He's considered one of the hardest in the game, and even if you defeat him, there's the option to either run ahead while your allies continue fighting Zesha, or defeat him a second time (though it is even more difficult, and includes enemy mooks).
  • Calista summoning Sentinel Beast Mitra against Atar. Generally, the whole battle was one Crowning Moment of Awesome, from Atar's entry, grabbing of Calista and Zael, flying through all the way through tower, and ramming it's roof, to the rest of the group coming to help them, and Mirania stealing Syrenne's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.
  • Zael and Therius's duel in the epilogue is just a fantastic fight scene, and a great example of how these once-rivals are now Fire-Forged Friends. Therius, seeing Zael's example, is headed to the main continent to teach the nobles there what knighthood is really all about, and wants to make sure before he leaves that Zael is ready to defend the island in his absence.

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