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S01 E01 Phase Six

  • Nathan James' electrical systems are offline due to the EMP from a nuclear detonation and the engineering crew is having trouble restarting the ship because the fuses keep blowing out. Down to their last fuse, Captain Chandler holds it in place and orders Lt. Chung to restart the system as everyone around him tells him take his hand off the fuse. The resulting shock blows Chandler off his feet, but the power to the ship is restored.
    Master Chief Jeter: "Badass"

S01 E03 Dead Reckoning

  • The Nathan James successfully navigating through a coral-laden sea artery thought to be impassable for a ship of its size while navigating with manual measurements because they're trying to avoid being electronically detected by the Russians. They also successfully temporary disable the Russian battlecruiser.

S01 E06 Lockdown

  • Captain Chandler's Rousing Speech is enough to convince a group of people who want to leave, to instead stay and re-enlist aboard the Nathan James. Also doubles as a moment of heartwarming, as well.

S01 E08 Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar

  • Cosetti's plan to disable to Vrenya by taking out the battlecruiser's driveshafts is a success and the boarding party manages to inflict other major structural damage as well.
  • Extracting not only Dr. Scott, but also Tophet's wife and child off the Russian battlecruiser Vrenya.

S01 E09 Trials

  • Bertrice donates a dangerous amount of blood in the hope that her plasma will help the six volunteers.
  • Dr. Scott not only finds out how to make a vaccine that will not trigger the autoimmune side effect, but also how to make a cure. A related moment of awesome is the courage and willingness of six volunteers to risk death itself to help her get to that point.
    Chandler: When they talk of the plague of the 21st century, they will talk about you. "The Six".

S02 E01 E02 Unreal City and Fight the Ship

  • O'Connor singlehandedly enables Nathan James to fight off the intruders.
    • First he dives off the helipad and sneaks back aboard so that he, Miller, and Cruz can make their way to the armory before freeing the crew in the mess deck.
    • Later, he mans an M2 to take down a helicopter that had his shipmates pinned down by the rear VLS.
  • Slattery acts as mission control from the comms room (without radio contact) and later fights the State Police lieutenant to the death.
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  • Foster kills Hamada with the syringe he was going to use to extract her baby.
  • Alisha Granderson: "As a lieutenant in the United States Navy, I am qualified to accept your surrender."

S03 E04 Solace

  • The entire raid on the USNS Solace.

S02 E05 Achilles

  • The showdown between Nathan James and the Achilles.
    • Nathan James launching dozens of missiles in a demonstration of the sort of firepower Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers have at their disposal.

S02 E07 Alone and Unafraid

  • The successful extraction of Niels Sorenson and President Michener, removing two of the biggest weapons in Sean Ramsey's arsenal in his plan for gaining sway over the survivors of the Red Plague.
    • Tex in particular shows magnificently during this event. First, upon being discovered by Niels, he nonchalantly counters the latter's threat of outing him to the Ramsays with one of his ownnote . Second, when the initial shots are fired, the first thing the contractor does is grab Niels and use him as a human shield while plugging immunes left and right (including Ned Ramsay, though the latter survives). And finally, when Niels is mortally wounded and moaning that he's dying, Tex gives the best Shut Up, Hannibal! response in this series yet.
      Niels: Help, I'm bleeding!
      Tex: Apply pressure, dipshit.

S02 E08 Safe Zone

  • Chandler successfully wins the President over to the cause of restabilizing the USA and neutralizing the Immune cult.

S02 E09 Uneasy Lies the Head

  • Rachel successfully cons Niels Sorenson into giving up how he weaponized himself. Between that and some other clues she picked up, she was able to make a cure and successfully kill him at the same time.
  • Michener begins to grow into his job as President, laying out an action plan for how to win hearts and minds in New Orleans.

S02 E12 Cry Havoc

  • Chandler orders the engines to go full reverse, causing Nathan James's bow to actually dig into the water, showing just how much power the ship's engines are capable of.
  • The final showdown between the Nathan James and the Achilles is one of the high points of the season, as the two crews struggle to outgun and outmaneuver each other, with every successful hit forcing each side to adapt. And then the Achilles rises out of the water... and gets pounded by the same weapon that her crew had planned to use to sink the Nathan James.

S03 E05 Minefield

  • The Nathan James manages to clear a minefield - and harmlessly detonate an enemy torpedo - using an ingenious combination of Jesse's copter towing a decoy as well as a RHIB towing another decoy.

S03 E07 In The Dark

  • Takehaya assuming temporary command of the Nathan James in order to steer it through a minefield while simultaneously evading Chinese patrols is a pretty impressive sight.

S03 E09 Eutopia

  • Caught in a Chinese ambush (one that she was setup toward by collaborators in the present US government), having taken a hit to the bridge (with most of the crew there wounded) and both her support ships either crippled or sinking, the Nathan James nonetheless manages to destroy both the Chinese land missile launchers (as well as every other missile launched at her) and the Luyang III destroyer carrying the anti-cure missiles in one spectacular go. If The Determinator ever applied to a ship and her crew...

S03 E10 Scuttle

  • Kara Green successfully dispatches a rogue Secret Service agent working for Shaw, as well as uncovers the nature of the conspiracy against President Michener and CNO Chandler.
  • On the Nathan James, Slattery and his crewmembers help coordinate an elaborate fistfight to secretly steal the keys for the gun locker and the room where people loyal to Chandler were confined.

S03 E11 Legacy

  • Takehaya manages to defeat Peng and get personal revenge by slicing him with a sword stolen from the Japanese National Archives.
  • Peng himself refuses to give into the pain from the sword in him, and goes so far as to purposely hasten his death along by using the sword to slice a major blood vessel.

S03 E12 Resistance

  • Chandler executes a successful Batman Gambit to fool the regional leaders plus Shaw into believing they've destroyed his ship, then oversees a successful takeover of the southwest territory with the arrest of Castillo, culminating in a re-establishment of Oliver as the legitimate President - at least in the California territory so far.

S03 E13 Don't Look Back

  • The Nathan James successfully staving off several UAV attacks, sometimes at impossibly close ranges.
  • Sasha Cooper once again proves her prowess as a sniper, successfully dispatching an airplane pilot from a faraway building.
  • The successful simultaneous captures of Croft and Wilson, leaving only Price and Shaw to take down and clear the way for Oliver to regain the Presidency.
  • Following this, Sasha, Kara and Burke alone successfully cause enough mayhem in the St. Louis White House that they manage to get into the central military command center and disable the UAV threatening the Nathan James. Once successfully barricaded in, they hold off the remaining security personnel long enough for Tex and Danny to rush to the White House and render aid.

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