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Awesome / The Kirita Chronicles

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    Story Arc One: What Happened Before 

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

  • Kirita/Kirito's duel with Delano. On the poll run by Knowledgeseeker 66, it was regarded as the best part of the chapter.
  • Kirita/Kirito defeating Po H.

    Story Arc Two: Welcome to the Death Game 

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

  • Kirita/Kirito managing to escape from Coper's trap.

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

  • Juho pulling a You Shall Not Pass! to protect Michiko and Heathcliff managing to save him before he is killed.

Chapter Eight

  • Kirita saving Akio in the dungeon and carrying him back to Tolbana
  • Agil making Kira shut up during the Boss Raid Meeting.
  • Kirita managing to completely outclass Akio in their duel without getting hit or scratched once.
  • Akio standing up for Kirita when Kira tries to foul mouth her.

Chapter Nine

  • Kirita managing to finish of Illfang and save Akio.


    Story Arc Three: Rise of the Guilds 

Chapter Ten

  • Heathcliff giving a verbal smack down on Godfree when the later tries to spread untrue rumors about Kirita.

Chapter Eleven

  • Akio defeating Kuradeel and Kurogage in a duel.
  • Kirita also defeated Zero, Yuusuke & Gin in a duel.

Chapter Twelve

  • Wan Shotto easily destroying Kuradeel in a duel.

Chapter Nineteen

  • Kirita and Delano have their first rematch. Delano wins this time, but it is made clear that Kirita could have won again if any of multiple factors had been slightly different.

Chapter Twenty-One

  • Akio killing the third floor field boss, Biceps Archelon. To do it, he jumps on its shell - while it is creating a whirlpool - and punches it until it brings its heads out, moment in which he jumps on one of the heads and stabs it until it dies.


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