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  • The Kingpin's very first appearance. News has gone around that Spider-Man has quit. Fisk keeps himself in the dark, sacrificing pawns till he is sure Spider-Man is gone for sure before he makes an appearance, intending to unite all mobs under his.
    • How Kingpin succinctly deals with a rival mobster. The mobster offers the position of his lieutenant to Kingpin, angering him, at which the mobster pulls out his gun. Kingpin casually obliterates the gun with his cane laser, telling his opponent he had seen the gun the moment he had entered, and sends the mobster packing, to pass the warning to others.
      • Next issue, another rival mobster comes with armed goons. Kingpin drops his own weapons and proceeds to soundly thrash them, finishing off by breaking his rival's arm like a twig.
  • The entire first part of the Born Again arc was a CMOA for Kingpin.
    • Special mention goes to what happens when Daredevil learns that it's Kingpin who is behind the efforts to destroy his life. In response, as Matt Murdock, he goes to face Kingpin over it. Despite Matt striking him the face with a weapon, Kingpin takes pain and beats Matt unconscious. The only reason he doesn't kill him is because he wants to avoid drawing attention to himself by killing a man in personal gym. Instead order his men to make it look like Matt died in a car accident.
  • Daredevil #300 involves the Kingpin's empire crashing down around him. His assets have been looted by HYDRA, the other gang lords are no longer afraid of him, and Daredevil tricks the Kingpin into destroying the evidence that could have been used to frame him for murder. The Kingpin suffers an epic Villainous Breakdown, before he's arrested by federal agents. His bail is paid by another gang lord, who offers to give him a place to stay. Unfortunately, it turns out that the other gang lord only bailed out the Kingpin so he could humiliate the Kingpin and boss him around. An enraged Kingpin brutally kills the gang lord by driving his broken walking stick into the gang lord's eye, and then goes on the run as both the federal agents and the gang lord's minions are after him. Now the Kingpin is determined to claw his way back, just the way Daredevil did in the Born Again storyline.
    • Notably, when we next saw the Kingpin, he was again fabulously wealthy and the crime lord of Hong Kong with protection from the Hand. Apparently, working in a city without superheroes was good for him. The Kingpin was quite content to live the life of an Occidental Otaku there but actually got invited back by the crime lords of New York in one of the clearest examples of Vetinari Job Security.
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  • Kingpin showing how Crazy-Prepared he is when Spidey tries to use Fisk's cane laser against him, Fisk simply notes that he had it designed to work only when he uses it.
  • Heck, the cane laser in Fisk's hands was quite awesome several times. During the critically acclaimed The Death of Jean De Wolff storyline, Kingpin is on the phone, denying his involvement in the honest police woman's death. Spiderman sneaks in, believing that Kingpin is actually behind it. Without even looking back or getting off the phone, Kingpin takes up his cane and fires onto the ceiling behind him. Spidey dodges and the laser blast hits the dead center of the spot where Spidey was seconds ago
  • One time, an agent of HYDRA tries to basically blackmail Fisk in his office and when Fisk tries to use the laser cane, he finds the HYDRA man has a device to disrupt it. So Kingpin just smashes the cane across the guy's head and orders him buried before the body starts twitching.
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  • During the Street of Poison arc in the Captain America comics, the drug empires of Kingpin and Red Skull clash. Realizing if the state continues it would result in both groups being exposed they decide to call a truce. The Red Skull, especially confident since he is now in a cloned body of Captain America and thus possessing similar physical capabilities of the Super Soldier, decides to settle the affair in personal combat. Kingpin proceeds to hand him his ass and to top it off, he coolly lies to Cap who arrived few minutes in the face
  • Kingpin using his cane to smack the werewolf Eduardo Lobo with an Offhand Backhand.
  • The Kingpin is the mayor of New York City let that sink in for how good he is.

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