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Book One:

  • Kvothe takes on a horde of scraelings single-handedly while simultaneously keeping Chronicler safe.
  • Kvothe learns Chronicler's indecipherable shorthand cipher in under an hour. Chronicler is speechless.
  • Bast grabbing the iron talisman off Chronicler and really laying into him, following it with, "No reason we can't be friends."
  • When Kvothe played the Lay of Sir Savien in the tavern, and continued even when a lute string broke, And still winning his Pipes. It's also implied that the broken string was Ambrose's doing.
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  • In Trebon, when Kvothe saves the day by taking the giant wheel over the church and using Sympathy to crush the draccus.
  • When Kvothe has the entire town of Trebon treating him like the mysterious badass he is after the fire.
  • Some argue though that this trope should be awarded to the very moment Ambrose breaks his lute, making Kvothe enter in a berserk mode saying the name of the wind with his subconscious mind, sending Ambrose flying like a leaf, and subsequently scaring the shit out of him.
  • When Master Hemme attempts to humiliate Kvothe in front of the entire class, only for Kvothe to adapt flawlessly, humiliate Hemme in front of his class, and burn his leg up to the knee.


Book Two:

  • Kvothe's rampage at the end of Book II when, upon realizing that the Ruh troupe is not what it seems. He killed them all. Might qualify for Nightmare Fuel, too.
  • Kvothe's spur-of-the-moment recreation of the poor Chronicler as a (rather badass-sounding, actually) mythic folk hero on an epic quest that will give local storytellers throughout the region material to create an entire ream of stories, much as they've done with Kvothe himself. Bast jumping in to help only makes it better.
  • Kvothe's retaliation against the Maer's court after he lost favor with Meluan and was asked to leave:
    • Selling all the court gossip to a seedy publisher.
    • Distributing the rings he received at a brothel.
  • The bandit camp/outpost. Kvothe uses the dead body of a bandit sentry as a mommet to kill several other bandits, then uses a bow string and a six-piece sympathy link to sever the strings of five bandit bows, followed by taking advantage of a storm to use sympathy to call down lightning upon the bandit camp itself. It's the single most spectacular and prolonged display of magic in the story so far. And it didn't even involve any Naming!
  • Kvothe calling down the lightning. His use of the bandit's body as a sympathy link, however, is Nightmare Fuel.
    • Making a nerdy joke that, in his own words, only a University student would understand, just makes it better.
  • Devi gets one by totally trashing Kvothe in a duel of sympathy. Considering how easy Kvothe has always had it so far, it was nice to see him meet his match once in a while, especially since he totally deserved it.
    Kvothe: Devi happens to be one of the handful of people I suspect might be a better sympathist than me.
    Devi: 'Suspect'? I beat you like a red-headed stepchild. You were my little sympathy hand puppet.
    Kvothe: That was two span ago. I've learned a lot since then.
    • Of course, consider what he was doing those two weeks. He spent the entire time with a divided Alar, defending himself against malfeasance. Every waking moment. So he was learning, studying, and making a nigh-infallible gram, all with literally only half is attention. So, what did he learn? All that, and the sygaldry for blood and bone.
  • Kvothe and the Lethani tree. Oh yeah.
  • A subtle (and, admittedly, off-screen one), but after being trained by the Adem Kvothe mentions how easily he curb-stomps his fellow travelers in sparring matches.
  • Chronicler hitting Bast twice and then taunting him that anything he does in turn will have already been predicted by the Cthaeh and will end in ruin, so he can shake Bast out of his fear of the Cthaeh's omnipotence.
  • Using the name of the wind to save Denna from what appears to be an asthma attack.
  • After running into Kvothe and Elodin in the hall, Hemme proceeds to insult them both. Elodin tricks Kvothe into picking the lock on Hemme's room and starts to burn his clothes, mentioning his hatred for the other master and that no one insults him and gets away with it. Not only does he get his revenge, he avoids any implication.
  • Shutting down Felurian, either with the name of the wind or, as Elodin suggests, by calling her name.
    • Perhaps even more impressively, shrugging off an apparent counterattack from Felurian. He felt it ("tasted blood and bitter rue") but it didn't affect him
  • After rescuing the two kidnapped girls from the fake Edema Ruh bandits who raped them repeatedly, some mouthy guy from their village accuses them of "running around" like whores. Kvothe immediately breaks his arm without a second thought, makes some epic threats and forces him to apologize.
  • At the very end of the book, Bast using Arcane Powers to visit unspecified horrors upon two soldiers.
  • Kvothe's encounter with the Cthaeh is a villainous one for the latter entity. It utterly dominates Kvothe over the course of the conversation and leaves him with nothing to do but run away in tears. Bast and even Kvothe himself suggest that this one encounter is singularly responsible for Kvothe's modern-day Broken Ace status.
  • After Bast explains what the Cthaeh is, and how utterly screwed everyone is now that Kvothe has interacted with it, Chronicler is somewhat skeptical that the Cthaeh could be as bad as Bast describes it. So Bast decides to give him a bit of context:
    Without taking his eyes from Chronicler, Bast laid his bloody palm flat on the table. The wood groaned and the broken timbers snapped back into place with a sudden crackling sound. Bast lifted his hand, then brought it down sharply on the table, and the dark runnels of ink and beer suddenly twisted and shaped themselves into a jet-black crow that burst into flight, circling the taproom once.
    Bast caught it with both hands and tore the bird carelessly in half, casting the pieces into the air where they exploded in great washes of flame the color of blood.
    It all happened in the space of a single breath.

Alternative Title(s): The Name Of The Wind, The Wise Mans Fear


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