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Even someone as controversial as DarkSydePhil deserves at least a few moments of glory.

  • While playing Grand Theft Auto IV he accidentally hits a car that turns right in front of him, flips over five times while skidding over a bridge, and then completely recovers. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • During his Mass Effect 3 playthrough, he is attacked by five Brutes while trying to summon Kalros. At this point, the game expects you to run past the brutes to activate the hammers, but Phil decides to fight them instead, and he manages to kill all five Brutes on his first try.
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  • In Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, the first time he fought Rexford Kaylock on the train, he found out the hard way that Kaylock has way more health and is much harder to beat in a fistfight than the average thug. So, for the rematch, he simply opts to shoot him in the face four times. It works.
  • The sheer number of Achievements in Ignorance he accomplished in Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster.
    • First, there's playing and beating the game on Hard mode. Some backstory: when playing the Resident Evil REMake HD Remaster last year, viewers harped on him for choosing Normal difficulty, him being unaware that the Normal difficulty was actually nerfed from its original incarnation. So he chose Hard to pre-empt any complaints. However, the 0 Remaster did not alter its Hard mode, and it is considered by the franchise's fanbase to be one of the toughest games of the "classic" Resident Evil era, matched only by Code Veronica.
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    • He was somehow lucky enough to kill the Centurion boss with One Bullet Left.
    • Late in the game, he has to clear out a hallway with two Hunters and somehow manages to get a double kill on them. He himself is amazed at this.
    • Ten minutes later in that same video, he takes advantage of the architecture for the rematch with the Proto Tyrant and drops the beast with 8 magnum rounds, 7 shotgun blasts, and 7 handgun bullets. This is in huge contrast to the first match against the Proto Tyrant, which was an exercise in frustration of over half a dozen deaths: the second time around, he didn't even take a single hit from it.
    • On Hard mode, zombies can take anywhere from 7 - 10 rounds to put down. He gets a critical headshot on a zombie near the end of the game which instantly kills it. This is important because he is at a point where he cannot afford to waste even a single bullet.
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    • See the above about not wasting a single bullet? It turned out to be true, because in the final boss battle, he really did use up every single bullet he had available, and it was just enough to complete the game.
  • In his playthrough of Dead Rising, he managed to beat Brock Mason with one health.
  • His Persona 3 playthrough ends on one of the most infamous and epic moments in DSP's history on YouTube—but for all the wrong reasons. After playing the whole game on easy mode for four months, Phil pushes through and manages to make it to the game's final boss, Nyx. Even to casual players of JRPGs, Nyx is considered a rather difficult boss — a gigantic Marathon Boss that switches its strengths, weaknesses, and specializations for every lifebar you ebb away from him. But Phil's killed bigger things. He's beaten Dark Souls. Surely, he'd be able to trounce this foe!note  And then he doesn't. Nyx frustrates him to no end, utterly wrecking him and his squad throughout the fight (primarily because he chose party members not well-suited for the fight) and forcing him to use a great deal of his resources. And once Phil gets Nyx down most to his final lifebar and slashes through a majority of his health—Nyx casts Charm on Aigis, who restores him to full health. A horrified Phil continues fighting on, however, and struggles against the tide—only for Nyx to Charm Aigis a second time, which infuriates Phil so much that he rage quits the game.
    • Atlus USA themselves commented on the video.
      The charm salt is real.
    • What admittedly isn't so awesome is that fans paid Phil over 1,000 dollars to play the game and the fact that Phil decided to rage quit on the final boss.
  • Phil refusing to Rage Quit Cuphead and actually beating it. No matter what one may think about his attitude toward hardcore gamers and difficult games, the mere fact that he actually persevered through a notoriously Nintendo Hard game (and even defeated some some bosses rather effortlessly compared to his usual skill level) is quite the accomplishment.
  • Phil managed to beat "Wrong Side of the Tracks" in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on his first try. Even if you're not the biggest fan of him, this is impressive for a mission that's widely considered a difficult mission due to Big Smoke's Artificial Stupidity.
  • Several of DSP's critics have taken to producing "This Is How You DON'T Play" videos to riff on his gameplay. One such critic, The 0utsyder, released "This Is How You DO Play Final Fantasy 6", stating in the description that "DSP actually did very well and it was entertaining." Back in 2012, Phil played the original SNES Final Fantasy III, reaching the end credits without help from a walkthrough or stream chat. He does his level grinding off-camera so as not to bore the viewer, and speaks enthusiastically about the best places to farm points and items, showing that he really does know this game in-depth.

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