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  • Shooting Alexander Luthor at the end of Infinite Crisis.
    Lex Luthor: You made a lot of mistakes. You underestimated Superman. Superboy. Me. But the biggest one? You didn't let the Joker play.
    • This, of course, was after an often-overlooked Offscreen Moment of Awesome earlier in the story, where I singlehandedly killed the entire Royal Flush Gang.
  • You can call me a criminal lunatic, but never forget the fact that I'm an American criminal lunatic! note 
  • In Batman: Under the Red Hood, I'm brought before Black Mask, who asks if I can handle killing the Red Hood. To show him how stupid it is that he'd ask, I ask for a glass of water and get one. Five seconds later, all of Maskie's goons are dead with a minimum of effort from yours truly.
  • In The Dark Knight, the way I mess with Harvey's already fragile psyche with my bedside lecture about "schemers" and how I'm merely an "agent of chaos". And then I put a gun in Harvey's hands, and finish my sales pitch with "And you know the thing about chaos? It's fair." The second Harvey breaks out the scarred two-sided coin, I've already won. (Won Heath Ledger an Oscar, that is!note  It was the fourth time someone was nominated for their role as a comic book character, but the first time they won! In their faces!)
    • What, nothing about my Game of Chicken with Batsy when he was on his motor-bike?
  • One time in Devil's Advocate, while I was awaiting my execution in Blackgate Prison, some fat thug named Tommy Mangles called me Whitey and threatened to murder moi. I asked if I should apologize, but he insisted on killing me, saying, "'Sorry' don't walk the dog, Whitey." That's when I pulled off a Moment of Awesome that started bordering on Nightmare Fuel by attacking him in self-defense, starting off with a Groin Attack:
    "Really? Well, what if I was really sorry? Would that make a— difference? Would that satisfy you? [I pull off my shoe and start beating him to a bloody pulp with it, Arkham style...] If I was really... really... REALLY... REALLY... REALLY... SORRY? [...right before the guards restrain me] WELL, I'M NOT!"
  • Here's another Moment of Awesome that borders on Nightmare Fuel in Emperor Joker: I suckered Mxy into granting me his Reality Warping powers, turning me into a supreme being with PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWERS! With these powers of mine, I could turn the entire world into my own version of it, eat up all those Chinamen, and do the one thing that fewer of my past incarnations have done: kill the Bat and everyone associated with him (well, except Supes, of course), repeatedly, day after day, in all my creative, graphic, bloody and horrible ways! If that wasn't enough, I would even turn dear little Harl' into a constellation and DESTROY THE WHOLE DAMN UNIVERSE! Oooh, I bet you're quivering and shaking in your boots at one of my best Moments of Awesome yet!
    • Same goes for Batman: The Brave and the Bold's animated incarnation of the comic book; but swap out Mr. Kltpzyxm with that second-stringer Bat-Mite; have me mold the entire universe into my own likeness, via Apocalypse How Class X-4. Sure, they toned down my entire plot: setting up Death Traps that are more comedic and less heinous; repeatedly killing only the Bat (mostly offscreen, actually) and then reviving him with a snap of my fingers in a few seconds, for hours instead of days; sparing the little Bat-Munchkin by turning him into a B:TAS Harley suit and then forcing him to watch me play more games with Batsy with my shiny new powers; turning my dear Harley into a mute silent film actress instead of a constellation; and attempting to make the Bat-Freak (instead of Blue Boy) into an insane victim of drooling, mindless foppery — and you get a Moment of Awesome that's pretty much less Nightmare Fuel and more Funny Moment. What a show!
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  • How have we not mentioned my appearance on Superman: The Animated Series yet? I come into Metropolis, planning to kill Big Blue in exchange for a million bucks from good ol' baldie. The problem is that nobody, not Lex, not the boyscout, not even the local mob, took me seriously. So I show 'em just what a mistake that is. I not only take over the mob, but also come closer to killing Superman than anyone else (except Darkseid) ever had, (through use of a well-thought out plan including "I Surrender, Suckers" and some strategically placed acid, just to kill him in front of his girlfriend) then tie up Lex and use one of his toys to try and blow up half of Metropolis. If Batsy hadn't followed me to the big apricot, it would have all worked out for me.
  • Not EVERY version of me is so easily scared by The Creeper, as you can plainly see.
  • Remember in "Mad Love" when Batsy taunted me by saying Harley came closer to killing him than I ever did? Well, in Batman: Gotham Adventures #1, I get back at him by revealing WHY that is: I've been letting him win the whole time, just so I can keep enjoying our game of cat and mouse. Maybe I was lying, maybe not. I'll never tell. But I know it just had to get on his nerves.
  • Did you know I fought the Teen Titans once? Their little emo girl tried to bring my greatest fears to life in my mind. I rate the excursion two stars out of five. Silly girl should know: it doesn't matter if you are a superpowered psychic, or pump me full of fear gas, or are the goddamn Batman, or just plainly manage to rope me into your act: opening my head and trying to mess up in there like I'm some two-bit amateur is just asking to have your mind carved up like beef. Oh, what am I saying? It's not like I actually want them to stop trying. It's just so damn fun, innit?
  • Remember The Mask? The Reality Warper and Comically Invincible Hero (or villain, depending on whether it's the movie or comic version) who can survive just about any attack thrown at him and is absolutely 100% guaranteed indestructibly unkillable? I killed him.
  • Booster Gold once tried to use time travel to undo my crippling of Gordon's daughter. And he had to try that over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, before finally giving up. Why? BECAUSE I KEPT KICKING HIS ASS!!!
  • In my first live-action appearance with Harley, I go to war with the United States Government to get her back. Maybe I love her, maybe I just love to torture her. Who the Hell cares? I won.
  • By the way, I saved Bruce Wayne from two inmates who wanted to beat him up.
    • And I outdo myself in the sequel, as you plucky types can actually see me become a hero for a change! It was a fun experience, but alas, not entirely for me. Alternatively, I get to become the Mistah J you all know and Love to Hate, complete with death traps that that... rude poseur The Riddler would envy.
  • I. Was. Right. No matter how much Supergirl says otherwise.
  • In Justice League #13, dear old baldo comes to me with the offer of the ultimate playdate. In the span of a single issue, I dismantle his security network, take control of the Legion of Doom, leave him chained in his own trap, and then take the time to lean back and have a heart-to-heart in which I mock him over and over. 'Cause he's always Luthor, and he's always playing the same goddamn game. Sheesh, Lex. And I thought the Bat was predictable. Do enjoy the ride to hell.


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