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  • Moss scaring a group of bullies that have been picking on him with a motherflipping gun!
  • "I can't go to prison Roy, they'll rape the flip out of me!"
  • The ending of "The Speech": after the already awesome Douglas vs. April smackdown, the "internet" is destroyed, leading to the shareholders to think it's The End of the World as We Know It. As the room descends into chaos, Roy and Moss silently fist-bump.
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  • "They've turned me in to one of them! I of them! ...That's why you need me...I am your conduit. I am your bridge. ICH. BIN. EIN. NERD."
  • Moss breaking rules for what seems like the first time ever. Roy convinces him to skip a meeting/party with him and eventually drags him to a store to loiter. Moss, who's never done anything like this before, spends the whole time giggling like a child. In fact, he gets so excited that while in the shop, he goes one step (or several steps) further and steals several DVDs. By hiding them under his jacket. Even Roy is surprised, and while they're both worried they'll get in trouble, Moss is clearly also enjoying a serious adrenaline high. "I feel so alive!"
    • Later, when Moss is about to be arrested for it, he's led off-screen by a police officer... then runs back in, decks a Jerkass who was hassling him earlier in the episode, and snogs a girl who'd taken an interest in him, shouting "Wait for me!" as the officer drags him off again.
  • Richmond's appearance in "Reynholm vs Reynholm". Although it ultimately doesn't help the situation at all, it was still pretty awesome. Also, the fact that he's reverted back to being a normal person in stead of a Goth and cleaned off the make-up to reveal a very handsome and proper individual. Furthermore, he's made his own company based on helping other Goths in the same situation. And it seems successful, too. It really shows the kind of business prodigy he used to be. Of course, in the finale we see that none of it actually lasts and he does end up going back to his old mannerisms, but still.

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