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  • The whole confrontation between Prince Hal and Sir Harry 'Hotspur' Percy in Henry IV Part 1. It starts with Harry identifying Hal as if the Prince would deny it, but Hal rebukes him, claiming to indeed be the Prince of Wales. Smack talk insures. They then fight brutally and Harry nearly wins, but Hal manages to plunge his dagger into Hotspur's side as he attempts to stab him. Quite simply awesome from start to finish.
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  • Prince Hal's line before they fight: 'I am the Prince of Wales, and don’t think, Percy, that you can share in my glory any longer. There isn’t enough room for two stars in the same orbit; England cannot handle a double reign, Harry Percy and the Prince of Wales ruling at once.' Plus, Hal's brilliant comeback to Harry's confidence:
    Harry: And would to God, Thy name in arms were now as great as mine.
    Hal: I'll make it greater ere I part from thee.
  • The final battle of Henry IV counts for sure. Lots of action, and King Henry acquits himself well!
  • In Henry IV Part 2 after Prince Hal becomes King Henry V his dismissal of Falstaff is a sign of his final maturity and as funny as Falstaff is, he isn't a great influence on Hal.
  • The infamous "tennis ball" speech in ''Henry V'. Tom Hiddleston knocks it out the park!
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  • Exeter delivering Henry's terms of his abdication to the French king, never raising in his voice (as in the Henry V 1989) but calmly stating that if the King does not meet Henry's demands, he will regret it.


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