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  • Elaine Connelly's intervention when attendant Brad Dolan tries to break Paul's wrist and she happens to walk in.
    Dolan: Just who do you think you are?
    Elaine: I think that I am the grandmother of the man who is currently the Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives. A man who loves his relatives, Mr. Dolan. Especially his older relatives.
    • Paul laughed when she said that, at the dichotomy; All the times that Percy used his connections against him, and now someone was using their connections for him.
  • Percy shooting Wild Bill dead.
  • The entire plan to cure Melinda Moores, involving sneaking Coffey off the block, getting him to the Warden's house, placating a shotgun-toting Warden, then almost literally moving the earth to save her, and then getting Coffey back on the block without anyone important noticing he was gone. And it was done without a hitch. Well...maybe just one...
    • Among one of the best exchanges is included here:
    John: We goin' for the ride now?
    Paul: That's right, we goin' for the ride!
  • Paul making Percy watch his deliberately botched execution of Del:
    • Brutal angrily handing Percy the extingusher afterwards, telling him to put the fire out.
    "You do it! You're running this show, ain't ya?"
  • Brutal punching Percy. Never in cinematic history has a punch been so deserved.
  • Paul, Brutal, and Harry paying Percy back for sabotaging Del's execution by putting him in solitary confinement.
    • And when Percy tries to get his own back by reminding them that he has connections in high places, they shut him down by pointing out that they have connections in high places too, something Percy in all his ego never stopped to consider.
  • As evil as Billy was, watching him threaten to rape Percy, reducing him to a sobbing mess and causing him to piss his pants, can be oddly satisfying to see depending on your viewpoint. And then Percy kills him.
  • Every single time that John Coffey uses his healing powers. His curing of Paul's bladder infection is so undeniably impressive, that when Mr. Jingles is killed by Percy, both Paul and Del have absolutely NO HESITATION in handing the mouse over to John. The reactions of everyone present are awesome too:
    Brutal: "Oh my God. The tail, look at the tail."
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  • In the book, Paul's deductions about Coffey being innocent, and how he does try to convince the local authorities this.

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