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Awesome / The Golden Compass

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  • The end of Iorek's fight:
    Ragnar: Is that all, whimpering cub? Is that all (hit), soon-to-die? IS THAT ALL (hit), HUH!? IS THAT ALLLLLLL-
    (Iorek roars forward, literally slashing Ragnar's lower jaw clean off. Then he bites the other bear by the neck, snaps it, then contemptuously tosses the body aside.)
    Iorek: Yes. That is all. That is all!
  • When Lyra sneakily gives Mrs. Coulter a tin holding a mechanical bug set to shoot someone up with knock-out drugs. Mrs. Coulter thinks that it holds the alethiometer. Lyra then goes on to blow up the intercision machine, evacuate the children being held prisoner, and spit at the big scary guards. Nice.

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