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  • In the final battle, Hawkman struggling up from under a pile of bodies to renew his attack.
    Dynaman's fists had hurt him. But he'd felt worse... endured more... in Egypt... Ancient Egypt. When he was a king.
  • Manhunter spends the first couple of issues as an amnesiac, gripped by a fear he doesn't understand, and pursued by faceless goons who will kill anyone who gets in their way. Then one night he and Bob Daley are in a truck being chased by some of said goons. Manhunter, terrified but desperate, climbs onto the top of the truck. As they go onto a covered bridge, he jumps up, grabs a strut, and swings himself into the car through the windshield. The car goes off the bridge into a frozen river. Bob stops the truck and runs down to the riverbank. Manhunter bursts out of the water and Bob uses his belt to help him get onto dry land as the (second-person) narration reads:
    cold beyond cold — beyond feeling — yet your fear's begun to ebb — a little — replaced by anger. the anger warms you.

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