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Awesome / The Fortune Cookie

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  • Harry, looking on disgustingly at his Gold Digger ex-wife Sandy as she's on the floor. Looking for her contact lens, telling her off once and for all.
    Harry: I don't want to find you here when I get back. And take your damn meatloaf with you.
  • Willie Gingrich, despite being a liar, a shyster, and an all-around jerk gets several moments.
    • The way he handles O'Brien and the team of lawyers out to prove his client is faking injury. He never once lets up or falters.
    O'Brien: We've been going over the hospital report.
    Gingrich: Discouraging, isn't it?
    O'Brien: Naturally, we don't accept it at face value.
    Gingrich: I wouldn't, either.
    Thompson: Look, Gingrich, let's stop horsing around. We demand the right to have our own doctors examine Hinkle.
    Gingrich: You got it.
    Kincaid: Unless you agree to it, we'll get a court order and force you.
    Gingrich: I agree to it.
    O'Brien: Now don't give us any trouble, Gingrich. We know your reputation... what do you mean you agree to it?