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Awesome / The Flight of the Alicorn

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  • Rarity’s race against Blueblood in Gallopoli is a wonderful moment, especially after several chapters of her feeling pretty useless aboard the airship. Calling to mind all the times in the show that she has displayed remarkable athletic skill she proudly declares that her father is a Gym teacher, and that she works HARD for her grace and beauty. She then proceeds to leave Blueblood in the dust in a most awesome manner.
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  • Her confrontation with the two Griffons in the jungle is a moment for ponykind as a whole. Her kindness to a defeated warrior is abused and Blueblood is injured as a result, with the Griffon mocking that her soft heart proves that Ponies are ‘prey species’ unworthy of their power. Rarity promptly beats him half to death with a hail of rocks, noting that the Griffon’s bigger size just makes him an easier target. She then goes over to his companion and gives him an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech where she asserts that even if she dies their plan would never work, because they are the lone voice calling for war among thousands who just want to live in peace. Prey species my butt.
  • The big fight as the whole crew saves Rarity in the Griffon base is one for everyone, with Rarity using her dad’s football tackles to knock opponents flying, Zips killing them by the dozen with pinpoint javelin shots, Zinzi taking down one with a flying kick, and Khufu taking on The Dragon in single combat. Then at the end of it all Blueblood pilots the Alicorn up to the top of the waterfall to save them all as Buckaroo sends the Griffon forces scattering for cover with the ARC.

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