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Awesome / The Emperor's Gift

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  • During the First War for Armageddon Hyperionhe used his psychic might to hold back Angron, who had become a vastly powerful Daemon Prince and was even bigger than the 14 Bloodthirsters that guarded him! He nearly dies doing it but he manages to break Angron's weapon, the Black Blade, something even Angron was shocked by it. It is so amazing that the Space Wolves chapter named him Hyperion Bladebreaker, and they are not easily impressed.
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  • Logan Grimnar, who had only recently been named Great Wolf, manages to take down the experienced Grandmaster Jorus before the Grey Knight can even unsheathe his blades.
  • Bjorn the Fell-Handed shows just how respected he is when his mere presence stops the fight between the Space Wolves and Grey Knights, and causes both sides to kneel.

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