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The Book:

  • When they reshot Chris-R's scene, Dan Janjigian's boots got scuffed and he had to replace them. Tommy initially refused to replace his $80 boots, even though the scene they just filmed cost a thousand times as much. His calling-out of Tommy as unprofessional is truly amazing.
    • Dan is definitely the most Crazy Awesome of the entire cast: despite the sheer lack of quality of the film, he insisted on remaining in character even off camera and gave what is almost universally considered to be the best performance in the movie (to the point that it's often joked that Dan was a real drug dealer who just happened to wander onto the set)... and he was the only person in the cast who wasn't a professional actor! (he's a motivational speaker and serial entrepreneur). In fact, he was so in-character that he scared the normally rude or oblivious Wiseau.
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  • Raphael Smadja walking out on Tommy when he wouldn't hire a line producer.
  • Also when Graham calls out Tommy on not getting a generator, and walks out.
  • Greg giving his all and nailing his first role as Andrei Toulon, even turning the casters away from the English accent and back to the French roots of the character.
  • "Pierre"'s last words on French soil.
  • Tommy pulling off a routine worthy of an Olympic gymnast, which Greg considers he might actually be.
  • Carolyn Minnott going right back to work after a trip to the hospital for heatstroke.
  • Greg's mother when it came to her two interactions with Wiseau, especially her second one. She is the only woman in the book who is not at his mercy, who sees right through him, who gets in the last word with him and who he was actually intimidated by, given his rude and thoughtless actions towards every other woman he encountered.
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  • Tommy's burst of creative efficiency (well, compared to the rest of the shoot) while filming in San Francisco during the final days of production.

The Film:
  • In the movie, Greg finally getting the balls to stand up to Tommy and demanding to know where all the money is coming from while they're shooting a scene.
  • The movie - which some could view as being aimed at a rather niche audience of The Room fans - became a huge success, grossing more than twice its budget, achieving 92% on Rotten Tomatoes and being nominated for a bunch of awards.
  • For Tommy himself, the movie brought a culmination to his long path to acceptance. He had already found moderate success with his strong fanbase, which included occasional celebrities, but late 2017 brought Tommy interviews with major entertainment news outlets, appearances on late night talk shows and eventually invitation to 2018 Golden Globes, joining James Franco in the acceptance speech for the award Franco received for portraying him. For him and Greg Sestero - two men who never believed they would make it in Hollywood - things really have come full circle.
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  • Tommy helping Greg break out of his shell by forcing him to read lines in the middle of a diner. For all his incompetence, he managed to get something right.
  • In spite of everything, the scene where Tommy starts typing the script for "The Room". Tommy had just been given a dream-crushing speech the night before, yet he manages to put his heart into a screenplay. This isn't just anyone writing a by-the-numbers story that Hollywood would want, it's Tommy Wiseau writing a story that he would want.