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Awesome / The Death Series

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  • "FLYING GORILLA BITCHSLAP OF MANLY DESTINY!" is it possible that, for one brief moment, Johnny Nitro out-Kamina'd Kamina?
  • Forest cutting off Mungo's arm.
  • Even if he can be a bit of a Smug Snake at times, Vicente is also incredibly badass, considering that in his very first fight against the Newlydeads, he figured out a way to counter Forest's Flash Step ability, leaving the others stunned speechless. Of course, this only sets up an even bigger CMoA for Forest, who them proceeds to attack Vicente by STABBING HIMSELF IN THE CHEST, causing the blade of his scythe to go straight through him and cut Vicente, who was standing behind him. Now that takes some serious kiwis.
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  • Jorgan's unexpected One-Hit KO on Lannister is a mix of this and Funny Moment.

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