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Awesome / The Darkglass Mountain Trilogy

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  • Axis' escape from Armat's camp.
    • To clarify, Axis, Geordi and Zeboath are being taken to the gallows to be executed by Armat's men and due to Ravenna's conflicting loyalties, she shrouds them with her powers and they all take the chance to flee, first Axis goes to the tent where the soldier raping Inardle is and kills him and rescues her and as the two of them flee on a horse, Geordi shows up and mentions that he caused chaos by untying every horse in the camp to buy time. Shortly afterwards, the Icarii Strike Force arrive to save them and under Axis' commands, they kill only the horses and pass on the message that the lives of every soldier are spared at the StarMan's mercy to potentially turn their loyalty towards him and Maximillian.
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  • Ishbel inflicting Karmic Death upon Light and everyone involved in the attempted murder of Maximilian.
  • Axis vs Borneheld, round 2. Axis wins again.
  • The River Angels wiping out the Lealfast who served The One.

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