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  • The end of Super Meat Boy Wipe-a-thon 3000.
  • During a runthrough of Magicka Vietnam with Lewis and Simon of the Yogscast, Lewis casts an Arcane beam. TB casually puts up a shield with the intent to block gunfire AND directs the beam into a goblin directly behind him, nearly killing it.
  • Terraria with Jesse Cox Part 30. TB and Jesse vs. the Goblin Army.
  • "DEATH! NOTHING BUT DEATH! DEATH! A PILE OF DEAD EVERYTHING! AH-HAHA-HAHAHAHA!" Or, how TB discovers that Vilethorns + Eater of Worlds + small enclosed space = horrible oozy chunks of worm all over the screen.
  • It turns out that TB reads tvtropes, as he revealed in the first Game Station podcast, with Jesse Cox, Dodger and GUNNS 4 HIRE.
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  • The WTF "Impostor" (so named because the game is too buggy and broken to truly warrant a WTF Is...) of Gotham City Impostors shows a game where TB (on the Jokerz), discovers part way through that his entire team barring himself has disconnected. Basically, TB ends up facing four Bats at once. TB, by himself, wins the match with a five kill lead.
  • Winning the King Of The Web contest by more than two and a half million votes certainly qualifies. As does donating all the money gotten from said contestnote  to Charity Water.
  • During a livestream, him managing to beat, FTL: Faster Than Light for the first time despite a horrible start.
  • "I am not running ads on this video, I am not monetising this video. You want to know why? Because it's unethical. I should not be making money on the backs of dead children and neither should these television networks. They should not be doing it by outright lying to the public, they should not be doing it by attacking their competition in an unbelievably cynical, thoroughly morally bankrupt and intellectually dishonest fashion."
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  • Any time whenever TB gets particularly vitriolic in his ranting.
  • In one special episode of Hearthstone, called "Wololo" (which is hilarious by itself), he builds a gimmicky priest deck, and engages in a random match with a guy named Alex. Halfway through the match, he uses Auchenai Soulpriest and Greater Heal to wipe ten points off his enemy's health in one go. Then, at the end, when things are getting especially close, with only two health left... He draws Cabal Shadow Priest, enabling him to control the only monster on his opponent's side, and crush his opponent in a final turn worthy of a Yu-Gi-Oh episode. And his opponent commends him for a game well played both times. In TB's words:
    TB: If he pulls a kill command now, that would suck. *draws card* Cabal Sha-HA. HA. HA! TOP DECKING LIKE A BOSS! YES! Cabal-freaking-Shadow Priest, the guy I was saying was useless earlier, GG, the gimmicks rise again! Look at this! Look at it!
  • If you want to see TB lay some royal smackdown on developers abusing systems put in place to censor videos critiquing their game. Then here's a video. Needless to say, the Streisand Effect is in full effect and you can view the original video on Daily Motion here
    TB's twitter: “Long story short. Dev sends code, code used to make critique, dev dislikes critique, dev abuses system to censor critique.”
    • Crosses over into heartwarming when you consider that TB probably wouldn't even be hurt severely by something like that, as he is part of a large group which can protect him fully. The real reason he did this? To protect the smaller youtube creators. Summed up pretty well here.
  • It's nigh universally agreed upon that the Angry Chicken is one of the worst Arena cards in Hearthstone. That said, the second match of Lord of the Arena, Episode 49.
  • His video on "Modern Military Shooters", where he picks apart Medal Of Honor: Warfighter and all other games of its kind.
  • During the 2014 Steam Summer sale, one of TB's twitter posts mildly suggested for people to buy Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons at 80% off. One fan replied that, as the game requires a 360 controller, he would not be able to play it. TotalBiscuit offered to send him one, and followed through with the offer.
  • TB's handling of the discovery that he has colon cancer. First, he posted a video stating that he had made a mistake in not getting checked sooner which cost him and urged his followers to see a doctor for any health problems they might have no matter how embarrassing they may be. After that, while his content production has taken a backseat to his recovery (resulting in less videos), he's instead taken the opportunity to produce more livestream content.
    • One operation and several rounds of chemo later, it would seem he won.
    • Come April 7th, 2015, he has indeed overcome the cancer.
    TB: "CT scan results: Complete remission. Cancer Status: Rekt. Confirmed button bashing scrub. Bring on the rest of life."
    TB: "Thanks medical science, you're pretty great, as are the people that practice you"
  • Nearly immediately after the introduction of the Steam Curators system, TB rocketed into first place, with more subscribers than the next four combined.
  • His takedown of a petition that got GTA V taken out of Target Australia, where he demolishes it.
  • In the first Co-Optional Lounge, managing to plan out an insane combo that let him play out his entire deck in one turn.
  • This video log which explains to fans why TB disabled the comment function on his channel, while delivering a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Google for messing up the comment system on Youtube, the reason that caused him to turn off comments.
  • In a way, the way TB completely rips apart the awful Worms World Party Remastered in this audioblog is awesome and funny.
    TB: "You don't show the user's IP address! EVER! That's a terrible idea!"
    • Even funnier is the fact that the footage he recorded was rendered "bloody useless", forcing him to upload it to Soundcloud.
      TB: "Great! I hate that game even more now!"
  • A lot of debate has surrounded gaming on the internet since around 2013, heating up to solar levels in 2014 and never really cooling off to date. John has managed to stay basically out of it, minus the occasional retort in the direction of any well known personality who fires an unprovoked shot at him. Instead, he has been known for maintaining a level head, and pointing out that all sides of every debate are gradually sliding into extremist jackassery. This is despite the fact he's apparently had to file several police reports and see a therapist, and the fact he's been battling with cancer the whole time.
  • Flipping off Keemstar in response to Keem's gloating about TB's terminal cancer. See here.
  • After the Steam caching incident from Christmas 2015, which had Valve utterly fail to communicate with users during a serious incident regarding privacy, TB took nearly half an hour to heavily criticize the company's actions. Brutal Honesty at it's finest.
  • Even after being diagnosed with cancer again (this time being an inoperable case), TotalBiscuit shows signs of recovering from that one.
    TotalBiscuit: "Tumor markers down more than 75%. This little bitch picked a fight with the wrong man"
    • Metastatic cancer is regarded as virtually untreatable, once the cancer has spread to other organs, there's not much that can be done in the public eye, you're a Dead Man Walking and medicinal treatment turns to delaying the inevitable as much as possible instead of putting you through hell in a vain attempt to outright cure. TotalBiscuit's immune system apparently took offense to that idea, because as of late-January 2017, it has, in tandem with the delaying chemotherapy, apparently shrunk and isolated the cancer.
      TotalBiscuit: "Surgery scheduled, with no organ spread and shrunk/dead tumors their goal is now curative, not merely delaying the inevitable. Let's go."
      • To add to this: The two types of cancer that TotalBiscuit suffered from was Pancreatic cancer, which ranks ranks number one on The Other Wiki's page of fatality rates within 5 years, at 92.3%, metastasing from there to the liver lowers the chance of five-year survival to 5% Recovery? Not even mentioned. One can imagine his immune system went Never Tell Me the Odds!.
  • This video where TB gives an epic and angry rant about people that deceive their audience (specifically YouTubers that were making video about CS:GO gambling sites, two of which were discovered to have owned that very gambling company) by lying in regards to not disclosing brand deals.
  • TotalBiscuit was eventually cremated and, according to his last wish, his urn is the ESL trophy that Axiom won.

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