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  • A contestant plays Contact for £50K - essentially a "steady hands" game where you have to guide a ring along a long metal rod without it touching - and nails it on his first try, giving him 5 lives and both Lifelines available for the £100K game.
    • Same for its other appearance as the very last game in Series 1, whose contestant had three lives for £20k. Goes down to the last life after two poor attempts. Out of nowhere, he somehow manages to clear all three metres and win.
  • Series 3 add a new moment to the list: a contestant has three lives and a Trial Run to play Hit Rate for £50k (a game in which the player has to hit five pads on a curved table within half a second). He uses his Trial Run and gets a time of 0.588. He commits, to the shock of pretty much everyone in the studio. His first two attempts get him down to a time of 0.513. Cue the entire audience behind him cheering him on, as his very last life gets him a time of 0.494, winning the game (and £50,000) by just six thousandths of a second.
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  • On a July 2012 Celebrity Edition, British runner Mo Farah managed to become the first person to ever beat the final round (a harder version of Barrier in this case) and win the £250,000 grand prize (for charity, of course), with only 6 lives remaining. But then he took things a step further and won Britain's first gold medal in the Men's 10,000m run at the Olympic Games in London. If you can beat The Cube, anything's possible!

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