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Awesome / The Changeling of the Guard

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  • Idol's Alicorn transformation in Chapter 8. It may have drained him of months' worth of energy but he entirely thrashed the manticore that was terrorizing Topaz.
  • Idol and Shining in the Everfree Forest. They killed a Timber Wolf with a Healing Factor by eating its heart.
  • Chapter 30: Idol jumps off a bridge in order to catch a fleeing thief. "I bring justice from above", indeed.
  • Chapter 48:
    • While it is never a good idea to manipulate the Princesses for selfish gain, when one of Flim and Flam's schemes contributes to Luna falling ill, Idol hunts them down and forces them to begin making reparations.
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    • Idol's statements at the chapter's end really show how far he's come as a changeling.
      “...I love my queen. I cannot not love her. She is the Queen, and she knows best.” A tear escaped me. I could grieve, at least. “...But I think I hate her a little, too. In this too, I have failed.”
  • Idol pulls a massive Batman Gambit on Cadence, Wispy, and Bold in order to get Bold to propose to Wispy, involving a fake Real Fake Wedding. Cadence is upset because she had her own plans for the proposal, only for Idol to pull off his idea first.


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