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  • Richard disarming a nuclear bomb, after having been knocked out, thrown out of a helicopter, having amnesia, dying from a snakebite and having been brought back from the dead by Sharron.
    • In that same episode, Richard throwing a knife into the heart of an enemy he couldn't see but whose heart he could hear beating.
  • Sharron reprogramming a weapon of terrible destruction to destroy itself.
  • "The Fanatics" is pretty much an episode to show how badass Richard is. Richard masquerades as a man who's looking to join a terrorist group. The terrorists are Properly Paranoid and believe Torture Always Works, and so subject Richard to Electric Torture. It's so bad that Craig can feel it through their psychic connection and exclaims that "They must be kicking his brains out.", and Richard eventually passes out. Except he didn't; he could have escaped from his bonds at any time and only foxed passing out. He then proceeds to escape his cell, throws the whole building into darkness by plugging himself into a light socket so he can scout out the layout of the building and how many there are in it, then walks in on the Big Bad and convinces him that he (Richard) really is who he said, gets the man to spill the information Richard wanted, then Richard cleans out the house.


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