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  • From the pilot, the midget's takedown of Scales. "Say hello to Dorothy, bitch."
    • The simple fact that the little person is the gang's muscle is both hilarious and awesome. Martin Klebba has pretty much made a career out of being eight feet of Badass packed into four feet of frame, and here he's entirely believable as the toughest man in the room.
  • The cape itself has one in the episode "Kozmo". Its previous bearer returns, takes it from Vince, and tells him he has no idea how to really use it. Then Kozmo demonstrates some serious awesomeness, including briefly using the cape as an Invisibility Cloak for an inverted Invisibility Flicker. Then Vince takes it back while demonstrating that Sanity Has Advantages.
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  • The beginning of "Scales on a Train," wherein The Cape explains to Scales that Fleming is Chess and is trying to play him for a fool. That scene alone proves that David Lyons is capable of being charismatic when the situation calls for it.
  • Scales headbutting his way out of a cage.
  • This exchange in "Dice":
    Fleming: You look stunning.
    Dice: I bet you say that to all your assassins.
  • In "The Lich Part 1," The Cape has been arrested, and as Marty is driving him to Fleming, he has a stroke of conscience and tosses the keys to the handcuffs back to him. the Cape's only response is to hold up the handcuffs, which he'd already gotten off a while before Marty decided to let him out.'
  • In "The Lich Part 2," when the crazy nurse tries to give Orwell a shot of paralytic while blaming her for stealing Conrad away from her, she suddenly reveals she's not so paralyzed after all and overpowers her (with a headbutt), injecting her with the poison while growling: "You want him so bad? He's all yours."
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  • In "Razer," Max decides to rescue Vince by putting on the cape, and does so in a suitably spectacular fashion.
    Max: I shoulda charged those guys admission!

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