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The Godzilla/My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic crossover fic:

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  • The opening fight is just one gigantic one, with over a dozen kaiju and mecha being name dropped or shown participating in the brawl.
  • Fluttershy stopping Xenilla mid-attack with The Stare.
    • To note: Xenilla seemed ready and willing to go on the rampage before that...and then Fluttershy's Stare convinced him to put a halt on any attacks on Equestria because he had no idea what he was dealing with (and given Luna's battle with Junior later, his suspicions were not unfounded). In other words: Fluttershy probably changed the entire course of the story in that one moment.
  • Luna's fight with Junior. The two beat each other bloody and are evenly matched, with Luna edging out the win.
  • Rainbow Dash and then Anguirus curb stomping Garble and his entire gang. After seeing them terrorize a campground of fillies and colts, the beat-down they get is epic.
    • The fact Rainbow Dash manages to knock out several of Garble's teeth and wound him and the others on her own is also a big testament to her. She's a normal pony, not a kaiju, but she managed to fair quite well against a group of dragons, even when they were greed growing to adult size.
  • King Ceaser's fight with Dagahra. Not only does the Shisa manage to hold his own against a kaiju that gave Lea trouble, he manages to win and drive Dagahra off. All with minimum property damage.
  • Celestia's grand entrance to the story. She's The High Queen for a reason and we all find out why.
    • To note: Celestia walks into a room with two groups of kaiju turned ponies duking it out, and stops it singlehandedly. Xenilla abandons any thoughts of continued aggression at the moment towards the Defenders because of Celestia.
  • Subtle one, but Braeburn managing to fend off a Gyaos that's biting his leg by slamming a door into its head enough to injure it. Not only that, but it provided a bit of a distraction by causing the rest of the flock to turn on it and kill it, likely lessening some of the damage while they were in the frenzy on one of their own.
  • Mothra Lea and Twilight Sparkle versus the Hyper Gyaos and her flock. Lea's entrance has all the fanfare and brilliant display one would expect for Terra's greatest heroine and Twilight puts plenty of work in herself. Even Spike manages to contribute to the fight before being hurried to safety.
    • Spike managing to be the one to take out a large portion of the Gyaos chasing him and Twilight by using his firebreath to bring down the ceiling on their heads. Twilight then proceeds to buck the last one into the collapse when it tries to get Spike.
  • Godzilla Junior's BIG damn heroes moment when Luna reverts him back into his full power to save Canterlot from a flock of gyaos. Imposing music, great artwork; and awesome visuals up the ante. The King of the Monsters has truly arrived.
  • Almost everypony in Canterlot putting their game face on to protect the city from the gyaos flock. Celestia and Luna erecting a massive energy shield strong enough to keep out a kaiju, Godzilla fighting and holding off the flock outside of said shield; and the guard characters moving through the city to get the civilians to safe holdings.
    • There are some injuries across the city, Godzilla gets pretty banged up, and both alicorn princesses are at minimal power for awhile afterwards; but the city's efforts allowed Canterlot to survive the night with zero civilian causalities.
  • Aria and Sonata evading Monster X. While he eventually does catch them, the fact they managed to do so any ultimately he comes away injured (mainly by the car crash that results) in their weakened state and Monster X is equal to Junior is a big one. While funny, Sonata allowing their escape by hitting him in the groin from behind is also one for her. Monster X understandably gets quite a few moments of his own in the chase, including leaping onto a speeding car and being on top of it during the chase.
  • Blade Dancer's response to Xenilla's derisive speech about love is to punch him in the face. And it actually hurts him. And then she gives a retort that completely shuts him up.
  • Xenilla saving Blade Dancer from the roof Sombra tries to crush them with.
  • Sombra's first fight with Xenilla showcases how powerful Sombra is very well: Sombra's attack manages to actually knock Xenilla back through his shield through sheer force alone. Sombra ends up escaping and leaving Xenilla seemingly the guilty party.
    • Xenilla adapts his plan on the fly and allows himself to get imprisoned as a means of faking out Sombra into coming closer so Xenilla can ambush him.
  • Cadance and Xenilla vs. Sombra. It takes up an entire, very large chapter and literally goes all over the Crystal Palace. By the end they're all battered and bruised with parts of the castle being taken down in the melee. Highlights include-
    • Xenilla ambushing King Sombra when he was about to ambush Cadance, knocking them both out a window and through several floors after tackling the tyrant.
    • Sombra bypassing Xenilla's defenses and taking the fight to his catacombs to bust out his scythe for use.
    • Cadance, in full armor and weaponry, saving Xenilla from a dire blow by blocking it before tricking Sombra with a feint and breaking his nose.
    • During the fight, Xenilla gets so angry that when he powers up, his shadow somehow changes to his true form, terrifying Sombra. He manages to power through a spell by doing so.
    • The finale of the fight entailing a battered Cadance busting out the Crystal Heart as a weapon and using it to supercharge herself and Xenilla to counter Sombra's hexes.
  • As mentioned on the universe timeline page, and then shown in the Mother's Day chapter, Junior makes short work of Trespasser when he dares to threaten Junior's adoptive mother. By the time Junior's done, all that's left of Trespasser is his head. Moral of the story? If you value your life, Do Not Threaten Godzilla's Mother.
    • Said special displays and parades the idea Junior "takes after his mom". We see Azusa grew into a strong willed, courageous, caring, self sacrificing woman after caring for Junior; so much that she had the guts to personally distract Trespasser to help an ambulance get away. Godzilla Senior might have raised him, but it becomes clear it was Azusa who shaped him.
  • Rarity figuring out how to pacify the baby Destroyahs: by literally giving them pacifiers.
  • Destroyah and the Cutie Mark Crusaders working together to round up her baby doppelgangers in a downhill chase on the wagon that seems right out of Looney Tunes.
  • After getting Mothra Lea to relent and let them help, the wacky but still quite practical combined skills of Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Twilight, Pinkie Pie, Mothra, and Vinyl Scratch effectively round up the rest of the Destroyah clone horde.
  • Irys being willing to challenge King Ghidorah to a fight if it means getting some answers on Monster X's condition.
  • Ki Seong effortlessly taming the baby Destroyahs who invaded her restaurant and putting them to work.
  • Irys, Gigan, and Megalon teaming up to fight Grand King Ghidorah. It goes all over the place and shows that although Ghidorah is a ridiculously powerful kaiju, some clever team tactics and use of the trio's abilities make them a venerable Badass Crew.
  • The flashback to Planet Xilian three centuries ago shows Monster X's origin by way of a fight G-fans have been asking about since 2004. King Ghidorah vs Kaizer Ghidorah. Which results in one of the most brutal Kick the Son of a Bitch moments in the story where after centuries of believing he is a god who can do whatever he wants, King Ghidorah is completely curb-stomped by Kaizer.
  • Aria Blaze finally gets her chance at Car Fu when she and the other sirens rescue the KO'd Monster X from Enjin, by ramming into the latter with their van and sending it flying into a building.
  • Rainbow Dash and Rodan working together to destroy what's basically a flying fortress of Cloud Gremlins, by flying around Equestria at supersonic speeds and hitting it from two different directions at mach speed, blowing it up.
  • Destroyah completely No Sells the shockwaves and heat Rainbow Dash and Rodan create with their speed and collision.
  • After Aria Blaze first fails to mimic Monster X's powers when under his training, as his methods of graviton control don't work for her; she and X come up with a work around. Using her siren form's instincts and her memories as a marine being, they come up with her own style that works just as well.
  • Harmony and Bagan finally meeting and having a battle of a much grander scale than mere Kaiju; a god vs a god.
    • Also, the perspective given by this fight: Bagan outright admits that had he sent his other two avatars or even Grand King Ghidorah, they'd have not stood a chance against Harmony. It takes a god to stand a chance against a god.
    • To note: neither was at their full power during this fight. Both were at 1/3 of their power minimum.
  • Aria unlocking her full power and curb-stomping the human sized Enjin.
  • Aria and X preventing Kaizer from taking control of X's body and mind, with X making it clear that it doesn't matter what memories of their past life Kaizer possess — X is who he is now. This, with Aria's help, allows X to use Kaizer's power without being consumed by them and giving him the edge needed to defeat Enjin.
    • The fact that Monster X was able to finish Enjin off completely, despite most of the arc showing just how dangerous the Aspect was and how much stronger it was than him, and did so by using his SMARTS and exploiting its one shortcoming that Aria unknowingly revealed.
    • As some readers pointed out and enjoyed, despite Aria Blaze being captured inside and being used as a battery by Enjin, she is not a Damsel in Distress waiting for Monster X to save her. She's fighting a kaiju from the inside with every bit of magic she's got and supplying X with a power-up.
  • The non-canon April Fools' Day special was mostly Played for Laughs, but it had a glorious moment of our fourth wall breaking trio curb stomping an entire Cobra base by exploiting the fact the mooks can't aim at all and Destro's penchant for monologues. The scene ends with Pinkie Pie driving them out in a stolen tank The Dukes of Hazzard style.
  • How did Anguirus' growth get stunted so he never got his powers like the other Guardian Beasts? He sacrificed the mana that would have gone to making his powers to save fellow Guardian Beast Baragon from the brink of death. Doubles a real heartwarmer.
  • The flashback of the invasion of Infant Island battle. Nine Mutations vs. Xenilla as the latter is protecting the Shobijin. Xenilla takes hits from all sides, and while he does eventually get overwhelmed to point of needing Destroyah's help to break a dogpile; he wins.
  • The fact that Destroyah, someone not known for deep thinking, figured out Xenilla's greatest secret on her own.
  • Xenilla's greatest secret, a decades long plan to unite the Mutations as a common enemy to make Godzilla and the Defenders stronger so they can defend Terra better. All this time, he's been keeping the Mutations in line and prevented them from doing anything irreparable. The invasion of Solgell Island was actually a Uriah Gambit to kill them off once and for all after he decided the Defenders were strong enough.
  • What does Blade Dancer do in chapter 31? Put herself between a half-dead Xenilla and an out of control, meltdown form Godzilla Junior who's dead-set on killing Xenilla. A normal, unpowered, mortal mare stands up to someone who could kill her by standing too close and stares him down.
    Blade Dancer: *drawing her blades* "Get! Back!"
  • Junior once again proving he's a Superior Successor to his father by going into Meltdown and turning it off on his own.
  • Courtesy of Azusa, we get the total amount of lives personally saved by Godzilla Junior. Over 130 Million. All his sacrifice and effort wasn't for nothing. note 
  • An adult Flurry Heart trying to avert a future where the war with Bagan devastated Equestria, but knowing she has to be subtle so that he won't catch on, brings Azuza Aoki to Equestria so that she can comfort Godzilla after his confrontation with Xenilla and encourage him to forgive his brother.
  • Nightmare confronts Rarity in her dreams and tries to repossess her. However, hearing the voices of the CMC calling out to her, inspires her to think of all her loved ones, which leads to her stating that she's not afraid of Nightmare anymore, and after triggering a Shapeshifter Swan Song in her, banishes Nightmare.
  • Rodan and Rainbow Dash's spectacular airshow, ending with Rodan returning to his kaiju form. Then the two of them, Destroyah, Gilda, Lightning Dust, and every other flight capable being in the area rescuing all the citizens when the stadium collapses.
    • One for Rarity and Rainbow Dash Sr.: they managed to create a flight suit for Rodan with his kaiju transformation in mind that stretches and conform to his kaiju form when he transforms.
  • Grand King Ghidorah revealing he knows Bagan's true identity, and attacking him. When the attack fails, Ghidorah shows no fear at this being who can easily kill him and successfully bargains with him to keep him on the team.
  • Ki Seong's many narrow escapes from Jeog in the past.
  • Ki Seong, Anguirus, and Applejack working together to take Jeog down and trap her inside a cabin.
  • Villain example, but Jeog managing to force her way out of the trio's initial trap despite the magical wards being specifically made to contain her.
  • Seong breaking free from Jeog's Kiss of Death to save Anguirus, beating Jeog down with a fire poker. As well as finally overcoming her fear of her.
  • After Applejack chains her up, Anguirus drags Jeog into the flames, not letting go until the heart-eating monster is finally dead.
  • Starlight Glimmer's magic is powerful enough to momentarily drain Grand King Ghidorah's powers. He's impressed enough to spare her life and mind control her into a minion instead.
  • In a case of The Dog Bites Back taken literally, King Caesar chomped off the upper half of King Sombra's horn after tanking a large magic blast. This is why it's blood red, Sombra had to repair it later.
  • Monster X squares off against Grand King Ghidorah again, but soon the rest of the Dark Hunters pile in to team-up against the King of Terror.
    • While King Ghidorah gets points for fighting back against the four admirably, the team has him on the defensive the whole fight. A team of two cyborgs and two failed experiments managed to stand up to and dominate a fight with Grand King Ghidorah. Eventually, Ghidorah pins them all to the ground by increasing the gravity, but admits that if he hadn't stopped X's final attack at that moment, it may have actually killed him.
  • The Royal Sisters managing to fight Grand King Ghidorah and force him to retreat. Granted, it's in the Dream World, but that Luna is strong enough there to give Grand King Ghidorah a run for his money on her own is quite the feat. One big part is when she uses a curse to severely weaken him enough for him to start feeling her blows. By the end, they join Bagan and Kaiser Ghidorah on Ghidorah's incredibly short list of beings he respects.
  • Xenilla's arrival right in the nick of time during Nightmare Godzilla's rampage gets taken to whole new levels when he activates his own meltdown form for the first time to stand up to his brother out of sheer force of will, even managing to pull off a spiral fire.
  • Mariner "Chibi" Moon might just be one of the bravest little fillies in Equestrian history running towards the roaring Nightmare Godzilla, burying her face into and hugging his leg and pleading to him to stop.
  • In the end, what stops Nightmare Godzilla is the others unwavering faith that Godzilla Junior is at his core, despite his own doubts, a hero and begging him to forgive those who have wronged him. This allows Godzilla Junior to finally do so and let go of twenty years of stress, frustration, and rage; metaphorically and literally besting his demons.
  • CHAPTER 41! Where to start?! Hows about it's battle count going Up to Eleven with no less than five fights all happening and intersecting at once?
    • Mariner Chibi Moon lifting an unconscious Xenilla with her telekinesis to carry him to safety. He may have been in pony form at the time, but he's still much larger and heavier than the norm.
    • Gigan goes all out against Kaizer Ghidorah in the purest form of Determinator to keep Kaizer from hurting Irys or Megalon, deliberately shutting off his safety protocols on his systems despite warnings saying doing so can result in death. What follows is a parade of all the powers the character has ever had in the franchise unloaded on Kaizer in a flurry set to ''One for the Money''
    Gigan's Systems: "-Mass Override Can Cause Critical Failure In This State. Limit Operations For Safety. Which Combat Operations Do You Require?-"
    Gigan: *teleports in front of Kaizer Ghidorah* "E͞͏̡̀̀V̸̢͝É̛͞R̢̛̕͟Y͏̷͠͡T̴̵͘͡H̴̢͘͝I̸̧̕Ǹ̀Ģ̀!"
    • At one point in the fight, Gigan's servos and muscle system are worked to 100%, well past the safeties; but it's not enough. So what does he do? He wills himself above his limits, all the way to 264%, resulting in his readouts breaking and going offline. His mechanical parts might have a limit, but his soul didn't, allowing him to lift Kaizer Ghidorah off the ground and carve into him.
    • Following up Gigan's fall, Irys and Megalon enact his plan. While it happens Irys finds she can absorb Megalon's napalm grenade fire for a power up, throwing herself at Kaizer Ghidorah with the order for Megalon to empty the clip. The result? She becomes a fully realized Guardian Beast and unlocks a Super Mode able to go toe to toe with Kaizer Ghidorah and pull off Gigan's Batman Gambit.
      • Awesome moment for the villain who is technically undefeated in the end. Kaizer Ghidorah manages to tank through every other member of the Dark Hunters going all out on him and is still rearing for a fight until Monster X sees their gambit and drags him into Battle in the Center of the Mind. And even then, X is only able to force him into a deadlock. It takes Kaizer Ghidorah to finally choose to let go of his hatred and forgive that he finally stops.
    • Rarity becoming Nightmare Rarity again to fight Enjin...and forcing Nightmare to obey her through sheer force of will. And managing to win, and save Sunset in the process.
    Nightmare Rarity: NO! You listen to ME now!
    • One for Grand King Ghidorah when he walks right through Junior's Atomic Breath without even slowing down or stopping his monologue. He then gives Junior a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown that temporarily knocks him unconscious.
    • Godzilla Junior emulates Chibi Moon's use of recoil in their beam, using it to slow his fall from near orbit and launch himself back up, flying into Grand King Ghidorah "Vs. Hedorah" style while using his largest dorsal spine to impale the King of Terror through the back wound the Dark Hunters gave him! More importantly, it also cleaves Grand King Ghidorah's core in two and liberates all his stolen souls.
    • Let's not forget that we get to see Xenilla and Junior go up against Grand King Ghidorah, alongside the spirit of Godzilla Senior manifested through Harmony and the countless souls Junior freed from Ghidorah, which subsequently results in the end of Ghidorah's epoch of terror and destruction in a blaze of glory for the King of Terror. See the whole sequence here! WARNING: SPOILERS.
    • Rarity's role in the above: exorcising Enjin from Sunset, she subsequently overloads their damaged core, and hurls them right into Grand King Ghidorah, destroying his remaining wing in the resulting explosion and foiling his attempt to sucker punch the brothers during their Beam-O-War. Heck, just her aim to hit Ghidorah at that distance deserves props.
    • Rarity deserves a big one for one thing alone: she willingly goes into the warzone as two of the most powerful kaiju in existence (one of which kills off the entire population of planets For the Evulz), fights the avatar of an Eldritch Abomination, and subdues Nightmare...all for the sake of innocent people she just met. She even goes out of her way to save Sunset, a complete stranger, when killing or crippling her under Enjin would be the safer way to do so. Rarity is Element of Generosity for a reason: she's freaking selfless.
    • Godzilla Junior and Xenilla thought falling from near orbit would kill them, but the rest of the cast begged to differ in a twelve-pony Catch a Falling Star. Mothra, Rodan, Anguirus, and Destroyah all change into their kaiju forms and put everything they got into divert their fall and slowing them down. When they're all forced to demorph, the alicorn princesses and Mane 6, including Nightmare Rarity all pile in to slow down the tumble. The group cuts trenches into the ground and drags out the fall all the way to Ponyville, where Pinkie Pie pulls out one of her party protocols to further slow their fall with party cannons and make them all crash into a giant cake as an airbag. And they all succeed without any major injury!
  • In Critical Research Failure:
    • The Storm King's fleet, lead by Commander Tempest, attacks Canterlot earlier than in canon and this time Canterlot has even fewer Equestrians to defend it because Twilight Sparkle and the Mane 6 are all absent, Princess Cadance is heavily pregnant and impaired, and even more civilians are in harm's way keeping Princess Luna from going all out. One would think it go even worse for the ponies than it did in canon. Except Princess Luna goes full Combat Pragmatist and supercharges a royally ticked off Xenilla, who proceeded to sink the entire airship fleet and incapacitate Tempest in a few key blows. The yeti army, which had been held off by the guards and visiting delegations teams, all drop their weapons and surrender.
    • Credit to Commander Tempest, when confronted with an absolutely livid kaiju her reaction is to stand her ground and lob her strongest weapon at is face despite being confused and terrified.
    • Xenilla's method of knocking out Tempest? No fancy beam, no physical strikes, not psychic powers. Just the sheer force of someone that big roaring at her point blank so much the sound and gale force throws her back.
    • Xenilla manages to convince Tempest and by proxy, her entire battalion, to do a Heel–Face Turn after fixing her horn with his surge crystals and destroying Storm King's hold on them. The former Storm Forces all decide they'll salvage their vessels and turn on Storm King to become legal privateers with Tempest as their new captain.
  • Gigan's near Heroic Sacrifice was such a strong display of courage and selfless love for his friends and brother that he unintentionally evoked the Equestrian Power of Friendship enough it made him worthy enough to briefly allow Harmony to reach out to him and bring his spirit into her realm before being recalled.
  • After a time skip, Monster X chases the Equestria Girls Rainbow Dash, with both displaying their Le Parkour skills. X is forced to resort to his gravity powers to catch her. It was all to deliver a message.
  • While mostly comical, Chibi managing to accidentally swap her and Junior's ages is pretty dang impressive, especially given canonically age spells are difficult to do.
  • The long awaited throw-down between a Terra Defender and Dark Hunter in chapter 44, Mothra Lea vs. Monster X!
  • If the teaser for chapter 45 is to be believed, a massive shift in the canon arises when Princess Celestia herself travels to the Equestria Girls realm after Twilight is kidnapped in full Mama Bear mode.
  • Gigan manages to tank through what Sci-Twi and Boreas can throw at him, both deducing the nature of the windigos and driving Boreas off.
  • The entire fight with Godzilla Earth in the Halloween Special.
    • Zilla managing to score the first big blow against Godzilla Earth by bravely using himself as a distraction and figuring out one of Earth's weaknesses so the other Godzillas could land a hit.
    • Showa Godzilla deserves special mention for surviving the longest and managing to badly wound Earth with his last attack.
    • Godzilla Earth makes for one of the most powerful Hero Killer characters in either franchise. While battered, having an eye gouged out, dorsal plate ripped off, chest sliced open, and having the Legendary Godzilla use the Kiss of Death on it, it powers through all of that and takes down all four hero Godzilla in a show of force and brutality.
  • While freaking terrifying, the fight between Leviathan and Godzilla Earth is probably more animated than anything the actual anime has done.
    • The Leviathan reveals it can use a combination of Showa Godzilla's propulsion breath and Shin Godzilla's back beams to fly, promptly grabbing Godzilla Earth to crash them into Mount Fuji. What happens next? The impact and their continued battle cases the volcano to erupt with them still inside it and they continue battling it out inside the caldera!
    • The Leviathan, upon reaching full power, utterly destroys Godzilla Earth, tanking the 300+ meter tall titan's spiral fire without pause. According to Word of God it also destroyed Anime Ghidorah.
  • The 2018 Winter Special
    • Wysteria learning how to master her powers as Gaea Everfree and eventually making contact with Harmony.
    • Wysteria rescuing an incapacitated Stalwart Sentry from a burning car and then, mostly without using her powers, climbing over and up a cliff to save a toddler Flash Sentry.

    The Bridge: Sound of Thunder 
  • Raiga No Sells Agon's napalm attacks, punches the hell out of him, and then reduces him to a skeleton with a mana beam.
  • Starlight and Raiga's transformation video. Despite being outgunned by Mirror World Godzilla Junior, she's still going to give it her all to buy the evacuation time. [1]
    • Not content with waiting until she's fully formed, Raiga sets the record for quickest kaiju to go on the offensive, charging out of her Pillar of Light and punches Godzilla in the face to get him to back off.
  • Starlight helping feed the entire city's power supply into Raiga, allowing her to temporary gain her true power she would've had had she not awakened prematurely. Raiga proceeds to engage Mirror Godzilla again. She even manages to overpower his Red Spiral Ray and wound him severely. She knocks herself out in the process, but Mirror Junior is not going to be forgetting that beating for a long time. It's also noted that if Raiga had had a longer charge, she very well may have killed him then and there.
    • Let's add one thing to this: after waking Raiga up and alerting her to the electricity, she proceeds to get Godzilla's attention and lead him away. Godzilla, who she knows is a psychopathic monster in this reality. The girl had the guts to get his attention, without any means to actually hurt him, and lead him away by herself to give Raiga the opening she needed.
  • Mirror Xenilla and Mirror Destroyah performing a Big Damn Heroes; followed by Xenilla giving Mirror Godzilla a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown, Godzilla too injured and weakened to fight back from his battle with Raiga. If Mirror Godzilla hadn't had a fail safe, he would've been killed.

    The Bridge: A Shimmer in the Dark 
  • Rodan and Princess Sunset Shimmer taking on some of the Nightmare army, fighting several Shadowbolts and a Blades of Nightmare respectively.
  • The final rush against the revenant forces of the Nightmare army. A mutually super charged Rodan and Sunset Shimmer vs. several dozen revenants. Result? Sunset Shimmer raises her fire magic to such an extreme she burns multiple zombies to cinders just by walking closer to them and floods part of the cavern in lava, Rodan meanwhile is moving so fast he can't be seen by even the Shadowbolts and his sonic booms rip them to shreds. In the end they collapse most of the cavern and crush what's left.
  • Nightmare Mircalla undergoes a Heel–Face Turn by her own volition, killing multiple Warlocks and managing to even fend off the Aspect of Water, Mizu. She completely derails Bagan's plans to capture Princess Celestia.
  • In its own way, Sunset Shimmer proving herself to be Princess Celestia's adoptive daughter by choosing on her own to forgive Mircalla for what she did, doing one better and then cure Mircalla of the Nightmare affliction.

    The Bridge: The Eclipse Times 
  • Commander Hurricane's battle against Queen Chrysalis. Although she is stronger and has magic, he is more skilled and comes close to impaling her until she gets angry and stops screwing around.
    • On top of that the main reason Commander Hurricane didn't manage to land a good hit on Chrysalis was because he's an Old Soldier. His advanced age made him flinch at a critical moment and he missed by an inch.
  • Ardent Sentry solemnly putting on Hurricane's armor and weapon and impersonating him to keep morale up after Hurricane is defeated.
    • Including throwing herself directly into a one on one battle with Queen Chrysalis.
  • Villainous one for Chrysalis: she's an Implacable Man in the battle with only Hurricane and Ardent able to do anything to her at all.

    The Bridge: Building Bridges 
  • Godzilla Junior showing he's actually a lot smarter than some would give him credit when he quickly figures out which of the six Nightmare Moons he was fighting was the real one and which were just illusion duplicates. The fakes didn't have any scent.

     The Bridge: Tales of the Amalgam'verse 
  • Tales of the Amalgam'verse: Godzilla meets Gorgo
    • The fact it's fully illustrated by Pyrus-Leonidas.
    • Gorgo's mother, Orka, actually manages to put up a fantastic offense against Godzilla Junior and holds her own for quiet awhile.
    • Godzilla Junior manages to figure out the situation without prompting and stopping the fighting by getting Gorgo back to his mother.
  • One from the Tales of the Amalgam'verse: Children of the Old King: Jr. and Xenilla sense another member of their species and head to New Birth Island (the volcanic island formed where Birth Island was) to investigate, only to find it the once barren land a paradise forest. The two, as they always do, began fighting, damaging the new forest...only for Biollante to erupt from the ground and restrain both of them. She then forces her brothers to look at the damage they caused and makes it clear their war is not welcome there. Both obey and forbid their fractions from bothering her, and while they do visit her, they never fight on her island. It's outright said that Biollante is no weaker than her brothers and she shows it.
  • Tales of the Amalgam'verse Godzilla meets Kong:
    • Kong arriving and killing a Skullcrawler to protect Junior, revealing he's now over doubled in size since the 70s. Next part he's shown fighting a Skullcrawler, a T-Rex, a V-Rex, and a giant python all at once. He wins.
    • We get something potentially the only thing more awesome with the involved characters than Godzilla and King Kong fighting. King Kong mentoring Godzilla.
    • The toddler Godzilla Junior, after he Took a Level in Badass following and learning from Kong, getting into his first real monster brawl with Gaw to protect the Skull Island natives from her. He holds his own with the fighting skills he learned from Kong, and even pulls off his father's signature move of grabbing the opponent by the tail and slamming them into the ground by it. He also manages to use an inbetween stage between his atomic bubbles and an atomic ray, which sets off a gas explosion. Junior is fireproof, Gaw isn't. He then finishes her off with Kong's Jawbreaker. Kong is impressed.
  • According to Word of God, some Mysterians were taken aboard the Xilian vessel during Final Wars, partially as curiosities given they were seen as a "out of time" lost colony (much like we'd treat suddenly finding a group of Republic era Romans) and seeing them as worth more than the rest of the planet. They expected them to defect easily. One of those taken was Miki Saegusa's father, Biologist 203. He was asked to give the surrender terms on telecast given he was well respected in the GDF and pretended to want to defect. He had this to say.

    Biologist 203: I was asked to clarify surrender terms in a manner this world would understand, given my position. I am on the Coalition mothership, greeted and treated by its hosts including the current ruler of my species. I was not born of Terra, I was born on a ship we used in a failed invasion... But my partn- my late wife was Terran. My daughter is Terran. I am Terran. They've asked me to say we should do everything in our power to surrender peacefully. I say, do everything in your power to blast this ship out of the sky. Researcher 0- Miki, I am So Proud of You, I see your mother in you every day. In in her late words aimed to the bastard Controller pointing the gun to my head, Go to Hell.
    • He was shot right after, having antagonized the Controller into attacking him. It showed the Mysterians and hybrids the Xilians were NOT their kind coming to the rescue. They threw their lot in with humanity, no questions asked.
  • Tales of the Amalgam'verse: Monster X vs. Ultraman Belial - End of Days
    • Ultrawoman Corona managing to hold off and even inflict damage on Belial is worth note, even if the effort nearly killed her.
    • The civilians working together to evacuate. The sight and efforts help inspire Corona to keep fighting.
    • How does Monster X make his entrance once the Xilian Controller sics him on the Ultras? Flying in on Asteroid Gorath and bailing out the blast doors last minute, letting Gorath slam into Belial. Credit to Belial as well for getting right back up after a hit like that.
    • From part 2, "Angels and Demons"; after Belial has Monster X pinned down from Beam Spam, Ultrawoman Corona bursts through a building and unloads everything she's got on the dark Ultra; managing to both wound Belial and heal the reprieved Monster X. Monster X then lands on good hit on Belial and it's all downhill from there for the demonic invader.
    • How does X finally beat Belial, who has proved heavily resistant to beam attacks? After getting his second wind thanks to Corona, X gets the Giga Nizer staff away from Belial and proceeds to go at the demonic ultra in a brutal melee beatdown by just clubbing him over and over again with the staff; until he's exhausted and Belial is in a coma.
  • Tales of the Amalgam'verse: The Lord of Sorna
    • Dr. Henry Wu is falling apart trying to keep the soon-to-be abandoned Isla Sorna facility together after the fall of Isla Nublar's Site A and grieving the loss of Dr. Sorkin. Seeing the plan to make Isla Sorna a wildlife preserve for the dinosaurs, he grimly laments the sheer number of unstoppable Tyrannosaurus rex and numbers of other predators would make the ecosystem crash. So what does he do? He takes it as a challenge and finds his skill again, throwing himself headlong into a secret project to make the perfect creature to balance the ecosystem. None in the fossil record? Not a problem, he's been gene splicing for years and makes one himself. The result? The Spinosaurus. And unlike most other creations of mad science, "Snoke" as he's later called is a complete success.
  • Tales of the Amalgam'verse: Berserek. A Buisaludo ship crashes on the M Nebulan homeworld and its nanometal rapidly begins consuming nearby matter and assimilating the military craft sent to fight it like a robotic version of The Thing (1982). Who opposes it? Gigan.
    • Gigan and Berserek initially fight by proxy with the cyborg hacking into the military drones sent to fight Berserek, alongside hijacking controls of construction equipment and building controls to drop heavy payloads and whole skyscrapers ontop of the nanite mechagodzilla. All in a Batman Gambit to lure Berserek to his hanger and allow him to get free. Take take on the 300+ meter tall machine hand-to-hand!
  • In the official Amalgam Universe Timeline, the version of GMK played out differently. Mothra and King Ghidorah aren't Guardians or taking part in fighting the version of GMK Goji who is called Ghost Godzilla. Well, who did Tarbtano replaced them with? Gamera and Anguirus. Your ears aren't deceiving, Gamera, Guardian of the Universe is part of the team that challenged Ghost Godzilla and Anguirus, who didn't make to the final cut for GMK as part of the Guardians, now is here in this universe restored to his unused role. That's not all. Even with Gamera and Anguirus together, they were losing ground against the original King of the Monsters. What could possibly turned the tide. Godzilla Junior of course. With his arrival, he aided the Guardians in protecting the world from Ghost Godzilla and he was destroyed once and for all.
    • Imagine, the Amalgam version of Giant Monsters All-Out Attack not only take elements from its source material, it's unmade original draft, it's also a long-awaited battle between Godzilla and Gamera and a remake of Godzilla Raids Again and the scrapped Godzilla vs Ghost Godzilla.
  • Not to mention the Amalgam Universe is a Shared Universe with almost every single Kaiju from Toho, Daiei, Tsubaraya, Legendary and more living there. What's even more awesome is that the Bridge premiered one year before the first MonsterVerse movie ever hit the box office. You heard me, Tarbtano created the first Monster-Verse.
  • In The Lost World Survival RPG, the players managed to pull out a victory despite accidentally stumbling into the potentially avoidable final boss. How did the Ingen team manage to defeat a fully grown Ultimasaurus that make the Indominus rex look like a runt? Summon the one other predator who could make mincemeat out of a Tyrannosaurus to fight on their behalf. The Jurassic Park III Spinosaurus.
    • One final hoot was cast to no response, rain falling down a broad sail. A growl from the Ultimasaurus spurred it to slowly turned around. If a creature was capable of it, its eyes seared with pure hatred. Castiel's final act in this war had been to summon the only creature that stood a chance against the monster. She'd called her mate. The Lord of Isla Sorna had arrived to avenge his queen.
  • The brutal, full fight between Snoke the Spinosaurus and the Ultimasaurus the Red Death. The contest with fate of Isla Sorna in the balance ends in the player human characters giving Snoke just the opening he needs to impale the hybrid through the chest with his claws in an all-or-nothing last gambit.


  • Despite being made in the final height of the negative portrayals of Princess Celestia, there isn't a hint of the infamous "Molestia" or "Tyrant Celestia" memes present. In fact such memes had notable Take That! jabs thrown at them.
  • At over 5,700 comments and 55,000 individual viewsnote  on the main story "The Bridge" is both the longest running and most popular crossover of its type, while also being one of the largest crossovers on Fim-Fiction and spawning an entire subdivision in the fandom who use the character incarnations and designs as a standard. And it's still going!
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  • The Bridge fan, Emerald Note was able to made the first ever version of the Bridge with added voice cast. It shows how popular the Bridge is and to reach this new height is an impressive feat for Tarbtano. Link can be found here.
  • We should also don't forget the talented artist and Tarbtano's girlfriend, Faith-Wolff, Major praise towards her designs on the ponified versions of the Kaiju and the original MLP characters as well. One might think that she may have been one of the major designers in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • The Bridge Community raced against the clock in voting on how Tarbtano should handle Chapter 41, remained as one chapter or two chapters. It ended with.....55 votes for splitting it into two, 55 votes for keeping it as one big chapter. In short: a TIE!
  • The fact the reader reaction to the Jurassic Park III Spinosaurus, in this continuity called Snoke, was extremely positive. Despite probably being the Scrappy for the Jurassic Park franchise, his detailed origin story and use as the last hope against the Lost World roleplaying game's final boss had even detractors of the film expressing their fondness for him.

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