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Awesome / The Bourne Ultimatum

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  • When Bourne kills a Treadstone agent with a bathroom. Yes, the entire bathroom. Although, honestly, everything Bourne does in the entire series probably qualifies for this trope. What a badass.
  • The scene near the start where Bourne is trying to maneuver the Journalist to safety by talking to him on his mobile, while periodically beating up mooks. It wasn't Bourne's fault that the journalist was Too Dumb to Live.
  • Said by Pamela Landy to Noah Vosen: "You'd better get yourself a good lawyer." Enough said.
  • Let's just say, Bourne and phones just ask for Moments of Awesome
  • The scene when Bourne stages a diversion, breaks into Vosen's office and calls him just before he breaks into his safe to steal some incriminating documents? "If you were in your office we'd be having this conversation face-to-face." (click) The look on Vosen's face is priceless
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  • And to Pam: "Get some rest, Pam. You look tired."
  • Another phone/distraction awesomeness: When Jason and Nicky prepare to leave Daniels's safe house with Treadstone agents closing fast, Jason phones in to police that there's gunfire in the area, fires several rounds in the room, and takes Nicky downstairs in a quick, casual manner. They walk to Nicky's car without breaking stride while the arriving Treadstone agents bump into a police squad responding to Jason's call, allowing the duo to easily disappear.
  • The ending, where you see a single gunshot and Bourne fall off of the roof into the river. You think he's dead, and Nicky is watching the news report. It gets to the part "police have been searching for 3 days, but so far no body has been recovered". She smirks because she knows he's alive. And the traditional Bourne ending song, Moby's "Extreme Ways" starts up right then, like a Scare Chord/Awesome Music hybrid. That was definitely the best startup for that song anywhere in the series.


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