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Awesome / The Bourne Supremacy

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  • Jason first acting like a statue in the interrogation room in Naples. And then knocking out two agents and disarming one of them in two seconds!!
  • The CIA agent Jason knocks out while he's being held in Naples? Matt Damon actually knocked out that actor for real.
  • The brutal fight between Bourne and Jarda. The two remaining Treadstone agents beat the crap of each other, using whatever they can get their hands on (most famously, Bourne uses a rolled-up magazine). It takes Bourne a little while to get the upper hand. Not to mention Jarda starts fighting with both hands tied.
  • Jason finally confronts Abbott, but instead of holding a gun to his neck, he's holding a tape recorder, getting his confession of manipulating Marie's death, and leaves a pistol behind.
  • The final car chase, one of the most brutal of the decade. Bourne using a crapped out Russian Zil taxi to successfully outwit the Moscow police, the FSB and use some very nifty Car Fu to kill Kirill who is driving a larger, more powerful Mercedes G-Wagen. What's more, it all takes place in rush hour traffic while Bourne is attempting to stabilize a gunshot wound with vodka.
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  • Another call ender by Bourne: "Get some rest, Pam, you look tired."


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